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September 11th as a New Yorker


7 years ago today, I had woken up particularly early so that I could walk over to my Doctor’s office for an appointment I had at 8:45am. It was a beautiful morning.

I was a few minutes late for the appointment, but of course that didn’t matter. As I walked in, I saw EVERYONE in the waiting room- including the doctor- huddled around the television. I asked what had happened, and they all said that a plane crashed into the world trade center.

We all thought it HAD to have been an accident. There is no way that someone could have ACTUALLY hijacked a plane and crashed into it on purpose right? WRONG.

A few minutes later, we witnessed the second plane crash into the second tower. Our jaws just dropped to the floor. That was no mistake.

What followed was a haze. I tried to call my home, my friends…. but there was no cell phone service. Even the landlines took a hit.

People were stressing out- including the x-ray tech that was at the Dr’s office. He began to cry. He said his daughter worked at the towers. We all stood there reassuring him that she was  going to be OK. Of course, we didn’t know that for sure.

Although I didn’t live in the city (I live in Brooklyn)- once the towers fell- we could see the smoke from the streets. It was surreal. Everyone was calling anyone and everyone they knew just to make sure they were OK.

We were all scared for our lives, and no place felt safe. None.

Evil came from the sky.

I was supposed to be on the subway that morning heading towards the city. I had promised a friend that I would go with him to his Doctor’s appointment. He backed out that morning- so I went ahead with my own appointment in Brooklyn.

My friend’s sister on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky.

She was 5 months pregnant and worked in the city. Once the towers fell, the police department shut down the subways and buses (in fear of more attacks). This meant that if you lived in Brooklyn you had to cross the Brooklyn bridge. My friend’s sister walked the entire way, all the while inhaling smoke. A few days later, she lost the baby.

Terror is nothing new to me.

My family lives in Israel. I have lived in Israel- and will probably move there.

We are scared of getting on a bus, in fear that a terrorist will get on and blow him/her self up. We live in fear every day. Of course, that is the life of an Israeli.

The one place you could always feel safe was in America. No one would dare attack us, we thought. We were wrong.

Terrorists do not value their own life, so why should they value others?

Another friend who lives in Israel told me a story. She said that a few years ago, her parents were having lunch (in Israel) with her youngest sister. A man walked in, blew himself up, and her life changed forever.

Her sister died, and her dad was so badly hurt that he must live in an assisted care facility for the rest of his days.

This is what terrorism does… takes innocent lives.

It took over 3,000 people on that one morning 7 years ago.

How many more will it take?

Today, I am thankful for my family and will hug my girls a bit longer tonight.

What are you thankful for?