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I’ve been Tagged!

I was tagged by Kari the other week, and I finally have some time to play!

List 10 things about yourself:

1) I HATE to clean. Hate. I like to organize, so my house is often organized, but do not mistake that for cleanliness. I would love to hire a maid, but my budget does not allow it.

2) I  do not like to read books. I admit it. If it’s an informative book about a subject that matters to me like children’s development, twin psyche etc.. I am all over it. But if it’s a thriller, horror, romance, autobiography, etc- I’m not interested.

3) I do not have a flat screen TV and this makes me super mad. I worry about the girls getting to the TV and it falling on them. I keep telling my husband that we need one, and he brushes me off. I am seriously considering ripping a wire in the TV so that we need to get a new one.

I might have to resort to this

4) I never went on a honeymoon. We were going to go to Spain right after we got married- but my husband’s 18 year old sister came to stay by us for 2 months after the wedding, so we didn’t go. We still have yet to take a  honeymoon.

5) I am obsessed with TV. oBSESSED. I dont know what I did before I got a DVR. I work all day, come home and take care of the kids. So when I finally have a few moments to myself, I love to indulge in “my stories” – I mean, who can resist: Rock of Love, The Girls Next Door, How I met Your Mother, Lost, The Big Bang Theory, Top Chef, Project Runway, Big Love, The L Word, Weeds, The Office, 30 Rock, I can go on and on….

6) I often wish I were superwoman. Sometimes I don’t feel like I do enough. I know I work, and love my kids- but if I really tried hard enough, I could cook every day, clean all the time, and just be an all around machine. I know I am living up to an unrealistic expectation of myself, but I feel like I am a disappointment to my husband – and will be to my kids.

7) I would love to have another child now, but know that I am mostly missing being pregnant. I would love to have another kid to prove that I can have a full term baby. Of course, I am definitely not ready- not emotionally, physically, or financially. I know that if we wait another 3 years, we will truly enjoy a third child. I also know that we will probably enjoy the third child more than the first two- because that baby will get undivided attention from us- plus, we will already be experts in child rearing (and it wont hurt that we will have two little helpers).

8) I finally feel like a mother. Every time I see something bad on the news that has to do with kids, I have to turn it off- I cant stomach it.  I am way more sensitive these days.

9) I feel like I am good at a lot of things, but not great at one thing.

10) I usually laugh off my imperfections. For example, as a teenager I HATED the fact that I wasn’t hair free. I AM middle-eastern, which means I have a little more hair than necessary for today’s climates (thanks Dad and your Syrian roots!).  One day, I learnt to just laugh at myself, because if I wont- I’ll cry. Funny enough, my husband is naturally HAIR FREE. HAIR FREE people!!!! Not one hair on his chest. He is like a pubescent boy (don’t read into that). We always laugh that I have enough hair for the both of us. Not only does Neve look like him, she is hairless too (except for a pretty apparent uni- brow, which I find funny). Soleil on the other hand, well- she will curse me one day too, as my  Syrian genes have been passed on to her (funny enough- she DOESN’T have a uni-brow). So I figure I will have Mother Daughter days with each of my girls separately: Neve and I will get our Afro’s blow dried, and Soleil and I will go to laser hair removal. Ahh- the joys of parenthood!

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