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Why oh Why, Super Why!

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I have been a television freak my entire life. In my parents house, there were never any boundaries. We went to sleep when we wanted (but had to be in our rooms by 11pm), we ate as much junk food as we liked, and well- we watched an INSANE amount of tv. I’m talking 6-7 hours on a weekday, and who knows how much on the weekends!

My older brother and I loved to watch Nick @ Nite. My brother became obsessed with Get Smart & The Prisoner (mind you he was 10) and my mother would allow him to stay up ALL NIGHT (on the weekend) to watch the occasional Marathon. My brother also used to collect TV Guides like trading cards!

My brother & his tv guide

(look at that afro!)

I know that everyone says, Television is detrimental to children. They don’t exercise as much, they don’t use their creativity. I believe that I learnt about the world through television. I traveled to different countries and learnt about several cultures via the tiny screen.

I learnt about sex via a video that I rented at the age of 7pm. No, no- it wasn’t a blue film.It was a cartoon called “Where did I come from”- an educational video that teaches children about the birds and the bees.

I only rented it because I truly wanted to know where the baby came from- Paris, Brazil, Russia? I got quite the hit of reality that day. “You mean babies are made like that….”

I’m sure they must have a new version of that video these days- they must have “Where did I come from- the IVF addition”- because at the end of the day, I will have to explain that to my girls, and that will be one long, and complicated discussion.

Personally, I don’t think it was detrimental to my upbringing. I guess it could be for a lot of kids, but I fell in love with media. I became a media major in college, and now work for a Media Giant.

My girls are OBSESSED with one program on TV. That show my friends is :Super Why?

Super Why! Is a PBS program about a group of 4 friends: Wyatt the Superhero, Princess Presto, WonderRed and Alpha Pig (and no, I didnt not look those names up right now- they are off the top of my head). They teach you how to solve problems with reading power, spelling power, Alphabet Power and finally Word Power. It would be educational if my girls knew how to read, or spell- but alas, they were preemies so they have another 2 months before they learn to do that.

I first noticed their love of the show when they started yelling at the TV when the show would begin. They sit in their bouncers and watch the screen: QUIETLY.

Here comes the bad parent thing: Sometimes we put it on 3-4 times a day (mostly on the weekends) so that they will sit quietly. Neve happens to be in love with Wyatt:

This is Neve watching Wyatt

This is Neve watching Wyatt


Mom- please let us watch in peace!

Mom- please let us watch in peace!


Guess what's on TV?

Guess what's on TV?

What do your kids like to watch? What was your favorite show as a kid?