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If I were a rich girl…..


I decided to play the lotto the other day.


I really was down to my last three dollars and saw a sign that said “MegaBall Jackpot- 111 Million”

I imagined me giving my last three dollars away and winning $111 Million.


 But I didn’t.




When you hold a lottery ticket in your hand, it allows you to dream. I mean, what IF I did win? What would I do?

1) I would quit my job.

Not because I don’t like working in media- I love it. I just don’t love my specific position, and I am not a huge fan of my boss.

2) I would take time off to be with my girls.

 I would definitely have hired help (not my mother) and be able to enjoy my girls, but not be overwhelmed by the mundane task of changing , bathing feeding them both by myself .

3) I would go to culinary school (it’s a dream of mine). 

I wouldnt go  to become a chef,  just to learn the art of cooking. I’m not a bad cook, but I would love to truly learn the elements and basics of food preperation from the bottom up. I would also love to learn how to make pastries.

4) I would buy an apartment in Manhattan (too expensive for us poor folk who live in Brooklyn)-

 and that way I could be in the heart of the city I love.

5) I would buy a home in Israel-

that we would move to when my husband graduates.

6) I would travel to different countries (Never been to any country other than Canada) and just explore.

7) Of course, I would also help out my close family and friends. I wouldn’t let my extended family know about winning, as everyone would pop out of the woodwork- and believe me I have about 60 first cousins.

 8) I would buy a t-shirt that said “New Money”- just to kind of get the word out.



What would you do?

I am tagging:


HeatherMike  (Because these two rock- literally)

Stacie (her sons have the cutest glasses!)

Kerry(We couldn’t meet up when she was in NYC the other week- and that made me sad!)

Karen( even though she didnt send me a copy of her documentary 😦  even though I tried to order the channel just for the night)

Chas (if she finds the time!)

Long time no post

So I’ve kind of been MIA this past week.

On Thursday, my dad told us that he has to have a kidney removed due to a 5cm growth. The Doctor’s don’t think it’s cancerous, but of course- you never know until they open you up. My dad is really scared, which is not at all surprising considering that this is a man that refuses to get life insurance because that means he’s acknowledging his own death….yeah that’s normal Dad.

He hasn’t been acting his quirky self lately- which is major for this man.

I try to reassure him that there’s a reason that GD gives you two of everything (well, most things). I had my ovary, and right fallopian tube removed due to a 14cm cyst a few years back (thus the scar tissue build up which caused my infertility)- which is why I had twins I suppose.

He needs to have surgery soon- which kind of conflicts with my grandfather being here. My parent’s house is so stressful right now, because my mother cant really deal with my grandfather and my Dad’s neediness. My Dad is going to have surgery in the hospital where I gave birth/was on hospital bedrest. It will be an opportunity to go over and thank all my past nurses- I liked the night ones more than the morning nurses. I also promised the NICU that when the girls turned 1 years old, I would send them a picture of the girls so that they can hang on their “graduates wall” in the parent’s lounge.  That graduate’s wall was one of the things that got me through the NICU. Seeing pictures of healthy, beautiful children who were once preemies too.


On Friday night, we went to my parents house for the Sabbath. We don’t usually take the girls out at night because they are nightmares if they are not in their own beds by 7:00PM. We only agreed to take them because my grandfather is here- and since we don’t have much family in the US, we had to take advantage of some family time.

My dad, Soleil & the comp mouse

How I waited for this day!


My mom, soleil & my grandfather

Dad thought it would be funny to put yameka on Neve


We moved the girls cribs down because Soleil is starting to reach up in an attempt to grab the railing. The funny thing is, now that it’s higher up, she sees it as more of a challenge and therefore attempts to grab on much more. She has also starting sitting unassisted. It’s crazy to see a baby transform from a blob into a mobile little thing!

The railing on her side of the crib is all scratched up from her teeth marks!

Neve is content just rolling from place to place:



On Sunday night we went out for my friend Heidi’s 27th Birthday at a restaurant named Forge in NYC. What was supposed to be a $55 pre-fixed menu ended up costing us $200! I just don’t get the mentality of having to divide the check evenly when everyone but you order alcohol!

Birthday Girl

I mean I’m definitely not one to be cheap, it’s just that we’re barely surviving on my income (as my husband has yet to find a job while in school). My father-in-law was nice enough to send us some cash, but of course if it’s not flowing, we’ll be in the same place in a few weeks.

Speaking of which, my husband received a letter from his school stating that his GPA is one of the highest in his school and qualifies him for a scholarship. I am so proud of him. This is a man that dropped out of high school at 16, had no formal education after that- and started school at the age of 27- and is taking all his classes in English (which is NOT his first language!). Yeahy husband! I am definitely his biggest cheerleader. Belive me, if my income was large enough to support us both while he is in school, I would totally be all for him focusing solely on his studies. Alas, that is not the case.


Monday was Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New year. We were invited to my mom’s cousin’s house. He too has twins who are 15 months. Twins are the new fashion accessory. This year was really sweet, as it was the girls first R.H. We dressed them up in pretty little dresses:

Soleil: "Whatchya got there?"

Neve: "I believe that;s my foot"

Mommy & the girls

Daddy & the girls

I am quite proud of the fact that we managed to sleep train our girls from a young age. They are usually in bed by 6:30/ 7pm and wake up around 7am. If they wake up a bit earlier, they play withthe small toys we leave in their cribs at night. This works wonderful for us 75% of the time- except when we have to go out at night with the girls. They refuse to fall asleep anywhere but their cribs. Monday night’s holiday dinner was unbearable with them- they cried on and off for 3.5 hours because they were tired, cranky and couldn’t fall asleep. They do this to us often when we have to take them out at night. I think it’s not a good  thing that they have conditions to their sleep ie. lights out, in their cribs, after dinner. But I guess I shouldnt complain as we are home on 99% of nights.


On Tuesday night we were invited to my  cousin’s house again for holiday dinner- but this time we passed. I dont think we wanted to relive the previous nights craziness with the girls. We did take them on a walk to my friend’s house- and they got to wear pretty clothes again:

"This remote could use some ketchup"

There’s only so much time babies will give you to photgraphthem… this is the aftermath:


Nothing planned for the weekend, which is a good thing. I dont think my life was this hectic before I had kids! Of course, I may just invite people over for dinner because I enjoy to overspend myself!

On a work note, I am applying for another position at my company. I am pretty tight with the hiring manager- so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am a bit worried that my boss wont be happy about it- and might sabotage- but I am trying to stay positive. Wish me luck.