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If I were a rich girl…..


I decided to play the lotto the other day.


I really was down to my last three dollars and saw a sign that said “MegaBall Jackpot- 111 Million”

I imagined me giving my last three dollars away and winning $111 Million.


 But I didn’t.




When you hold a lottery ticket in your hand, it allows you to dream. I mean, what IF I did win? What would I do?

1) I would quit my job.

Not because I don’t like working in media- I love it. I just don’t love my specific position, and I am not a huge fan of my boss.

2) I would take time off to be with my girls.

 I would definitely have hired help (not my mother) and be able to enjoy my girls, but not be overwhelmed by the mundane task of changing , bathing feeding them both by myself .

3) I would go to culinary school (it’s a dream of mine). 

I wouldnt go  to become a chef,  just to learn the art of cooking. I’m not a bad cook, but I would love to truly learn the elements and basics of food preperation from the bottom up. I would also love to learn how to make pastries.

4) I would buy an apartment in Manhattan (too expensive for us poor folk who live in Brooklyn)-

 and that way I could be in the heart of the city I love.

5) I would buy a home in Israel-

that we would move to when my husband graduates.

6) I would travel to different countries (Never been to any country other than Canada) and just explore.

7) Of course, I would also help out my close family and friends. I wouldn’t let my extended family know about winning, as everyone would pop out of the woodwork- and believe me I have about 60 first cousins.

 8) I would buy a t-shirt that said “New Money”- just to kind of get the word out.



What would you do?

I am tagging:


HeatherMike  (Because these two rock- literally)

Stacie (her sons have the cutest glasses!)

Kerry(We couldn’t meet up when she was in NYC the other week- and that made me sad!)

Karen( even though she didnt send me a copy of her documentary 😦  even though I tried to order the channel just for the night)

Chas (if she finds the time!)