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March Madness


I’ve been missing lately.

Not sure if I’ve ever taken such a long break from this blog before.

I’ve been so overwhelmed with work and deadlines that I feel like steam is coming out of my ears.

March is just about to close, so trying to recap the month.

The month started with the Jewish Holiday- Purim, which is all about costumes and dress up. My girls have only recently started comprehending holidays and they were insanely excited to wear costumes.

I work with a large Costume manufacturer, and I got to choose costumes for my girls, of course- they chose them, I brought them home.

Soleil wanted to be a princess. She didn’t care which one, she just wanted a long flowy, dress.

She is such a girly- girl.

So Snow White she was:

Neve, always the “rule breaker” wanted something more original:

“I want to be Swiper the Fox”

AKA this guy:

Her reasoning:

“Because I get to swipe things from people”

You can’t argue with that logic.


As you all  know I currently live in Israel.

There are several pros and cons about living here, and one major con being all of the “East Coast vs West Coast” wars… aka, Palestinians and Israelis constant battles.

I live in the south of Israel, which means I am a bit close to where bombs are thrown (when there is tension- rockets are not always thrown). Earlier this month, there was turmoil, which meant no school for the girls, or college for my husband. They stayed home together and ran to a bomb shelter when they hear sirens.

Lovely, isn’t it?

I on the other hand had work. My place of business is in Tel Aviv, which is out of the danger zone so to speak, so I was ok.

Thank G-D, there was a cease-fire, and all is quiet again in my neck of the woods.

A pro about living where I live, is the vast land I am surrounded by. We live on a farm, and get to take my brother-in-law’s ATV out for a spin. The beauty around me reminds me why I moved out here… warts and all.


My husband started his Spring semester and his schedule doesn’t allow him to pick the girls up from school twice a week (he’s been the one picking them up every day). That meant that I had to rearrange my work schedule in order to be the one to pick them up. Up until now, I had been leaving for work at 6:30am, and returning home at 7pm. That meant that I didn’t get to see my girls more than 15 minutes awake, during the week. This hurt my heart in so many ways.

Now- I actually get to see them awake twice a week- to be the one to pick them up from school, take them to the park, and put them to bed (even though often times they fall asleep in my bed!).

 I feel like a mom again.



In addition to writing on ye old blog, I am also a contributing writer for Curvy Girl Guide.

These are the topics I wrote about in the month of March:

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Fleeting Moments

Purim is this week.

For all of you who don’t know what Purim is, it’s pretty much like the “Jewish Halloween”. Go HERE to learn more about it.

The girls daycare center had a party this week where all the kids dressed up in costumes.

I happen to have a zillion costumes, so I decided to try them on the girls to see what would work.

Neve was not amused.


Oh The humanity!

She hated the feel of the dress, so I had an idea to use the tutu’s from their first birthday party and make them ballerinas…

Neve was NOT AMUSED:


Soleil on the other hand, was more than happy to try on her costume:


This just goes to show you that just because you were born with a sibling, doesn’t mean you are anything alike!

I took my camera to their daycare center on a very SNOWY NYC day so that I could capture these very fleeting moments…




This will be the girls last Purim at their daycare.

They love it there.

I know that as long as the girls are together, anywhere will be home.