I’ve been receiving a lot of worried messages from friends all over the world asking me how me and my family are doing. You know- since I’m living in a war torn country.

The truth is, it’s horrible.

Everything about it is horrible.

I happen to live in a section of israel not too far away from Gaza.

I don’t want to get into the politics of the situation, because I am living it every day.

All I know is that Israel finally said “enough” to the daily rocket fire from Hamas and went in. And that’s that.

But what that means is death, destruction,and innocent lives lost.

You can’t negotiate with terrorists. Terrorists that do not believe in a Jewish state and want to kill all the Jews.

How can you live in peace?

And my heart aches for all the children. They didn’t ask to be involved. It’s just not right.

Over 40 terror tunnels were found dug from Gaza into Israeli settlements, some found right under preschools.

And Israel is being painted in the media as the villains? How do you go about taking out a terrorist group that hides behind innocents? You try to warn the civilians to leave- via phone calls, leaflets from the sky- whatever way you can.. because you are human.

The main destruction is happening on the Gaza side because they don’t have bomb shelters.I Israel has invested so much money- whether their own or foreign aid- to protect their lives. This is either via the iron dome or bomb shelters for it’s people. Hamas takes money that should be building schools, hospitals, etc and uses it to fund terror tunnels. Rockets. 

 I seem to be getting into”altercations” online with people who only know how to place blame and call Israel “state approved terrorists”

I’ve never been a big political person.. but this really bothers me. Because antisemitism is at it’s peek in the word right now.

This war is taking a toll on me.

I am walking around with a knot in my stomach all the time.

Every time a siren goes off, I worry where my kids are.

The other day as I was driving home from work, a siren went off and I literally saw the missile of the iron dome shoot right in front of me.I will never forget that image.

I just want this to be over.

I hate that my daughters are used to this and that it’s their norm. 

My husband who is Israeli is used to it and tells me not to stress too much. How can I not? This is not normal.

One morning when a siren went off and I was asleep, I woke up to grab my girls- only to see the older girls huddled in the corner holding the baby.

My heart broke.

So for all those wondering how we are doing.. we’re fine. We’re scared and stressed- and we hurt for the innocent lives lost in Gaza. Israel does not pass out candies on the street when civilians die (like they did in Gaza on September 11th and int he London bombing incidents). We hurt. 

My heart is heavy.





4 thoughts on “War

  1. Carrie

    I don’t even know you but I am worried for you all the time. I have twin boys the same age as your girls (Neve and Soleil) and I often wonder how my boys would be handling all of the unrest that you have in Israel. I pray that you stay safe and that you move back soon. Nothing is worth risking your life on a daily basis.


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