Can I Pull off Bald?

My girls are reaching an age where they make me want to run away and join a cult. You know, just to get away from them (plus I believe shaving my head will only do my hair wonders).

They are 4.5 now, and the past month or so, I feel as though they are gettting more annoying by the minute. All they do is fight with one another, and bug each other, and hit each other. All I hear is “Mommy, she did X to me”. They just cannot get along. At all. And I don’t know if its because of their age, or if its because they are siblings, or even if its because they are girls and twins. All I do know is that nowhere in any of the parenting books I read was a chapter on how to be the best referee. Seems as though I have turned into one. At all times.


Don’t let those sweet faces fool you.

I thought it would end when we gave them each their own room last summer, but it didn’t. I decided to sign them up for separate preschool classes come this fall. I want them to miss one another. Plus, their preschool teacher told me that it would do wonders for them. So from 7:30AM-2:00PM during the week, they will be separated and from 2-5pm they will remain in the same after school program.

I pray this does something. I’m just so tired of yelling at them to stop bickering and fighting.

Any words of advice?

4 thoughts on “Can I Pull off Bald?

  1. KJ and the Kids

    This too shall pass. and then come around again. and then pass. 🙂
    I think that being a sibling is hard. and it’s about compromise and learning boundaries.
    Refereeing I think is just part of raising kids with siblings. It takes of 75 % of your time. 75 % of a pie chart that only has about 3% room to give. (sigh)

    My suggestion is to read “Raising an emotionally intelligent child”
    I’m reading it now and it has helped.
    It changes what you say and how you say it so as to acknowledge and teach your girls how to handle their own emotions.
    What ? it can’t hurt right.

    ie. When Neve says, I hate her, she took my doll, I wish she didn’t even live here, she’s so stupid.
    Instead of saying, Neve. don’t say those things. She’s your sister and you love her.
    You recognize her feelings of anger. Tell her you understand that she’s mad. That when her sister takes her doll it makes her angry. and then you go on to explain that it’s ok to feel mad but it’s not ok to hit/call names/throw her toys (whatever it is she does)
    The book does encourage you to help them express their feelings. So instead of stifling them…you want them to get mad. get sad.
    And apparently doing this now….will save ALL sorts of money in therapy down the line.
    SO really. my advice isn’t to help you stop the noise per se. But. it does help explain why they are noisy and how it’s a good thing in the long run.

    Good luck !

  2. Lisa

    I say give them boxing gloves and let em go at it! You go into a sound proof room and enjoy a nice bottle of Merlot. 🙂 Who ever wins gets to be mommies favorite for the week. HA!
    I have only one 4.5 little darling, so I luckily do not have to hear the fighting (except for when her and I go at it that is). But she does play w/ my nephew who is 2 1/2 and they fight like siblings. So I get to enjoy that a couple of times a week. We put them in time out ALOT and separate them if we have to, make them say sorry and hug, etc. I think putting your girls in difft classes sounds like a good plan. If that doesn’t help, there’s always Ebay! Good luck…

  3. Emily

    As an identical twin sister, I can completely relate to this. Me and my twin fought constantly up until we went away to college (sorry for the bad news). The problem was that we were always in the same classes, had the same group of friends and shared a room. We could never get away from another. I think that was the best thing, i.e. different classes. It is very hard to be a twin and feel as though you have no personal identity. We always are and still will be “the twins”.


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