#Fashion Diaries

“#fashiondiaries :

 f21 short sleeve sweater with bedazzled shoulders (purchased that way!), H&M cotton skirt, JCrew green tights, boots


#fashiondiaries :

JCrew button down, Zara pants, F21 Necklace & Headband (raining outside!), my grandmother’s watch (doesn’t work but I wear it anyway)

#fashiondiaries {must clean top of my mirror!}

Zara mini dress, jeggings, steve madden boots, h&m belt, h&m sweater, f21 necklace

New Glasses & Headband

#fashiondiaries :

black sweater, black pencil skirt, electric blue tights, leopard scarf, brown boots, headband

“#fashiondiaries :

Zara jeans, F21 Tank & Cardigan, wooden necklace, jacket and scarf (again, f21



Black Harem pants, tank with black glitter ribbon, Gap Cardigan, f21 ring



 Friday night dinner with family. Black harem pants, white v neck tshirt GAP, black Banana rep cardigan, F21 necklace (also my kid photobombed me)


fashiondiaries :

black top mossimo target, short sleeve grey cardigan f21, skinny jeans, boots, f21 necklace

10 thoughts on “#Fashion Diaries

  1. sunshine986

    You look great. Very inspiring. I am doing Weight Watchers and hoping to make progress like you are obviously making!

    And I love that your beautiful daughter looks like she is saying “Come on Mom!! Let’s goooooooooo!”


  2. Amy

    Love the outfits! You are gorgeous!
    Why don’t you smile with teeth? Not asking in a rude way…..just curious. Sometimes the smiling without seems like you’re hiding something.

    1. gemini-girl Post author

      I actually wrote a blog post a long time ago as to why I dont smile with teeth!
      In my childhood, I had really bad teeth, i did have braces that correct that, but I think it’s still instilled in me. Also, I dont like the way my face srunches up when I smile wth teeth. I kind of look like the joker!!


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