My Fashion Diary

Harem Pants, Black Button down, Tall Boots, Beaded Necklace


Zara mini shift dress, Black f21 blazer, Electris blue tights, Ankle boots, Sequined necklace Aldo

Heart Tunic with Gap sweater vest, jeggings/ Gap tshirt, H&M skirt

Old Navy Cardigan, Long dress shirt H&M, Black leggings, Tall chocolate boots, Beaded necklace, f21 ring

Dress: Primark UK

h&m jeggings, boots, tunic h&m, brown cardigan, bird cage necklace Claire's


Zara Athletic Navy Pants, F21 Print shirt & yellow cardigan, necklace h&m, headband f21

Rocking my old Motherhood cable knit sweater, Benneton jean skirt, tall boots

F21 Print tunic, grey sweater vest h&m, leggings, boots


7 thoughts on “My Fashion Diary

  1. KJ and the Kids

    One day Maya. You’re gonna smile. You’re gonna smile SO BIG and you won’t look back. And you will think…..why in the hell didn’t I let myself smile more.
    Yip. You are.

  2. Mara

    I just saw the baby pics you tweeted earlier today. My Jew-fro was bigger than your Jew-fro. Thank G-d for flat irons;-) Why weren’t there flat irons when I was growing up?!? I would have felt so much better about myself. Oh well, we’re beautiful now:-)

  3. Nellie

    Yay, you’re back with fashion photos — you make my heart smile! Plus, I love your style and it teaches me ways to implement them in my own wardrobe – thank you!

    By the way, loved your post yesterday and mainly because I know EXACTLY where you are coming from and why! Though hubby is not in school, I am the breadwinner and it is tough as hell and sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in my anger and negativity. As with everything else that falls in our life’s path, this too shall pass. Hang in there and know that you are not alone and that your feelings, whether positive or negative matter and you help others in not feeling alone with the same feelings.

    Keep writing – I so enjoy reading your blog!

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  5. Rachel @ Eggs In A Row

    You have an amazing style! I love it!

    Where do you shop in Israel? When I was there, Zara was the only option. Besides the everything is 10 shekel shop.

  6. Lisa

    You must dress me one day! My goodness you know how to put together an outfit. And accessorize and shit! I have *no clue*. That’s quite a talent. You go girl!


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