Girls I have a Crush On

Every so often, I have a lady crush.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that I want to move in with them and have their babies, but  I present to you my very eccentric list:

Minka Kelly


 1. Minka Kelly: My crush started when she was on Parenthood- not Friday Night Lights. Really, I tried to watch FNL but couldn’t make it through the second episode. It’s very football-y and I am not athletically inclined at all. Minka is super adorbs. So I either want to be her, or take her on a date and get her pregnant.

Sara Gilbert

2. Sara Gilbert: I find her comedic timing impeccable. There is something so cool about her.


Nicole Richie

3. Nicole Richie: She is my style god. I wish I owned the contents of her closet, but of course, in my size.

4. Lilly Allen: There is something so bad ass about her. She just does not give a f*ck what people have to say about her. Love it.
5. Marisa Tomei: Maybe it’s the Brooklyn thing that we have in common, but she is so feisty! She is an understated beauty and talent.
Who are your girl crushes??

13 thoughts on “Girls I have a Crush On

  1. Lisa

    I second Heather- YOU! 🙂

    And: Jennifer Aniston- because she is older than and way hotter than me, Jennifer Garner- b/c she is a bad ass and naturally gorgeous, Lily Allen- I just love her too!, Cheryl Cole- HOT, I agree Minka Kelly thing for same reasons as you, Kate Hudson- b/c she sems cool and fun, and of course pretty, Miranda Lambert- b/c shes hot and hilarious and REAL. And, well I am at work and could type a book and then get fired. So I will stop- And I am married and straight, but I can also give props when I see a hot chic. I actually point them out to my husband. :). Lisa

  2. Lisa

    And Eden Riley- well for obvious reasons, just read her post today and she is way more awesomer than she knows. Even when she pushed that belly of hers (NOT) out on the picnic table! Still beautiful… I’m still at work- shhhh- gotta go. Lisa

  3. KJ and the Kids

    As a lover of women I can appreciate some good girl lists. Mine have nothing in common with yours though. Which I find interesting. Well not really…because that I have NO idea who Minka Kelly or Lilly Allen are, tells you something 🙂

    I’m proud of you for stepping “out” ! I always played the game, “what famous actor/ hot guy would you…” and I hated always having to pick a guy….so I compromised and agreed to pick a guy if everyone else picked a girl 🙂 ha ha
    My 2 guys..are Robert Downey Jr…and Dwight Howard (oh my physical specimen)
    But….I also consider Jon Stewart to be my baby daddy too. (sigh) once I get into picking my baby daddy….it gets tough. There are a few 🙂 ha ha

  4. Rachel @ Eggs In A Row

    KJ: I’m dying. One of my besties is gay and she does the same thing…only will say men if I pick women. Which, even though I’m straight, I have no problem with. LOL

    I love Minka Kelly, Coblie Smulders (from How I Met Your Mom), and you, GG. You are gorgeous, funny, and smart…and Jewish! My mom would approve. 🙂


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