Summer “Vacation”

This has been me as of late:

I be tired.

Summer “Vacation”.

No preschool.

In Israel, they have this thing where the last 2 weeks in August there is NO child care.


No summer camp.


So the trains are usually packed with parents taking their kids to work- because what else can you do with them?

I was dumb enough to do that as well…

took her on her first train ride- then to work

She was So well behaved on the train- you know, that is until Satan himself come out of her while we were at work. 

She drove me crazy for the following 4 hours .

I’ve been trying to find things to do with them to keep them occupied.

This in turn forced me out of the house, and unable to watch my “Breaking Bad” marathon.

Bike Riding:

Beach Time:

Pool Time:

amusement Park Time:

Dress Up Time:

Park with Mommy Time:

Cleaning the kitchen time:

You missed a spot

(Because Mommy needs some help)

I am running out of what to do with them!

Thankfully- the heavens will part on Thursday and the Preschool doors will open once again.

Oh to fast forward to September 1st!

I wonder how other parents do it.

I mean- how do you keep them busy??

Ideas and suggestions are always welcome!


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