I was reading my dear friend Eden’s blog just now and she wrote a post about personal style. It was part of a Australian blogger topic guide so I decided to steal it because, well.. I’m not australian.

What is my personal style?

Inside and Out?


I love clothes but I don’t spend a lot of money on one piece.

It took me many years to come into my own fashion wise.

I wore only black until I was 23- which made people think  was goth, when really I just thought it was slimming.

I don’t cook every night, but I cook once or twice a week and I put my heart into it.

Most days my kids eat cereal for dinner, and I’m OK with that.

One thing you can’t say about my girls is that they look dishevelled. I make it a point for them to always be clean and not dirty.

I do well and hold my own in the company of men as well as women.

I am VERY self deprecating. I know that if I wasnt, I would be crying about every single hair that I have on my back.

I think that most people either like me or don’t.

I’m definitely funny.

The people who I can’t make laugh, are people who I don’t want to hang out with. ever.

I have a post babies belly that just will not go away. I hide it under baggy shirts and hope to not draw attention to it.

Also- my upper arms are pretty fat so you will never see me in a tank top. like ever. my mom once said that wearing sleeveless made me  look like a boxer when I was 12… so that’s where it began I suppose.

I am an accessories whore.

I don’t like 95% of the gifts people give me.


My boobs are huge and are the cause to my shoulder and neck pains… so I am looking into a reduction.

I don’t care if my husband loves them, I have to do it for me.

Plus, I never fancied boobs that you can throw over your shoulders. My boobs, even at 16, were down to my ankles- meanwhile, my mom’s 56-year-old boobs are higher up than mine!!!

Fruit does not belong in a salad.

I can’t eat chicken with the bones it, it makes me feel like a cannibal.

I’m not good with money. I never was. I hope to one day be.

I had a gap between my upper front teeth all of my life. I hated it. Loathed it. Even after I had braces on, and the gap went from huge to tiny, I still hated it. I bonded my teeth before the girls were born. No more gap. My husband said he loved my gap and that I lost “my magic”. I actually like it better this way. But I find it strange that my girls- especially Neve- who has my gap.. wont know that her mommy had one too.. and will think that a gap isnt beautiful (even when it is)! I love her gap so so much.

Channeling Elton John

Often I wonder if removing the gap from my teeth, and lasering off my body hair, straightening my curly hair- not make me authentically me?

If you ever came to my house for dinner, you would think I was  Martha Stewart… house tip-top clean, beautiful and tasty food, nice smelling kids… but it’s only like that for company.

I have never been invited to be a bridesmaid and that kind of makes me sad.

I don’t like wearing shirts that show my cleavage…I’m kind of an old maid when it comes to that…

I do love showing off my legs though…

sometimes I shave my legs before i got to work and while on the train, I realize that I forgot to shave a whole strip on the back.

I always thought that I would be a hairy old grandma, but due to my best friend: laser hair removal, it looks like that’s not gonna happen.

I love facials- so relaxing and refreshing.

I really should get a pedicure once in a while. Havent had one in over a year (gasp)

I love hydrangea

 I think I am getting wiser and coming into my own with age.

What is your personal style?


10 thoughts on “Style

  1. KJ and the Kids

    I think and have told you….that you need to embrace your open mouth, teethy smile before it affects your girls self esteem. 🙂
    You are beautiful and so is your smile.

    Bridesmaid was the funniest movie. I’d rather watch it than be one !

  2. Gail

    My MIL waited until she was 58 to get a boob reduction, and said she regretted waiting so long. She is pretty conservative, but she told me that if there was something that I always wanted to get done, not to wait. Just do it.

    PS I have no personal style. Whatever is comfortable and doesn’t annoy me. Which is never what looks best:(

    PPS I always wanted to see you smile with your teeth. Pretty please??

    1. gemini-girl Post author

      Gail- NOPE- never will you see a toothy grin on this blog o mine. 😉 also, I will totally get the reduction. No one has ever regretted getting one.

  3. Mara

    I have a gap between my front upper teeth too, and so does my daughter.. I would get it fixed but I don’t want to pay for it. I hope my daughter loves her small gap, cause her mother is cheap. Unless she needs braces anyway, then I guess it would be fixed, right? She probably will need braces since she sucks her thumb all. the. time.

  4. Lisa

    Funny, I thought of you when I read Eden’s post on her pers style. You have such great style!! Love your recent style posts.

    Lets see…..

    I am very self deprecating as well. Helps people “get” me I think (or hope).

    I can’t stand people that dont get my jokes. I just have no use for them. I am “in” on something that they are NOT.

    Our home is typically only tidy for company as well. It is clean, buy toys all over the place. And clean laundry, folded, piled and left- all over the couches. 🙂
    most days. But well hidden when we have co.

    I was a bridesmaid once. It cost me a total of $1200.00 to attend. $300.00 of it on a yellow, silk, improperly made ugly dress. And it was a “do it yourself wedding”. Meaning that well, we literally picked the sunflowers, made our own bouquets, and painted the old faded wooden chairs, tables and poles for the gazebo. ETC…….

    I will someday have the balls to show cleavage. When? dunno… After the tummy tuck-for sure! Then my boobs will look better??

    I am the opposite with the facial/pedi thing- have never had a facial- GASP. But HAVE to HAVE my pedicures. Atleast once a month, if not more. Started that when I was prego. And didnt stop. Thank god cause I hate holding my breath to bend over to paint the toes. NO I am not THAT fat, but you all know how it goes (tummy tuck!).

    Pers style? Jeesh, haven’t a clue on that one. Casual and plain, lots of jeans and black :). Comfy and cute sandals. Even if I am plain Jane each day, I got some cute shoes on. 🙂 I would LOVE to wear tank tops. In my dreams. And money, oh how I am loyal to the lottery. I WILLWIN!!!

    Alright, so really long comment. ::)) Lisa

  5. edenland




    I’m rebuilding my blogroll and only just read this. Honey, you are one of the stylish people I know! I adore you. And you are an honorary Australian. XOXOX


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