Gotta Get Down on Friday

I find it so strange that Israel’s Sunday is the rest of the world’s Monday.

Sunday- is the start of the work week.

So weird.

The girls came home from preschool on Friday and I decided to surprise them with make- up time.

About 2 months ago I awoke on a Saturday morning to find my girls COVERED in make up. My make up. Make up that cost A LOT OF $. The kind I can’t find in Israel…. I cried.

They quickly realized that they did something wayyyy wrong.

And mommy learned her lesson: lock up everything of importance.

anyway I bought them a little make up kit for kids.

You know- so that they don’t EVER touch my make up again.

And then I did this to them:

She was happy- really.

That afternoon, I took the girls to a birthday party.

A kid in their  class turned 4.

They were so excited about the party that they talked about it all week.

My husband refused to come with us- so off I went with my girls.

The parents rented out the community center and they had a man come with different animals- reptiles, and bunnies.

My girls were a bit scared of the snakes- and rightfully so.

They danced and ate and screamed.

It was so nice.

I don’t really mingle with other parents.

I find that strange because I am such an extrovert.

I feel like the odd man out.

Other parents don’t really know me because I work and my husband is the primary parent at school.

He’s the face of our family there.

So I’m sort of this mythical creature to all the other mothers.

I am the full-time working mother who should be more involved.

I’m the mother who forgets to pay the parents committee.


They can suck it.

Then after the party, I took them to the nearby park and let them run wild.

They loved it.

We came home around 7:30pm and we all sat down to a nice warm dinner- yes, I cook on Fridays!

And as the girls went to sleep I realized something.

Despite the dark days that I had at first.. despite the fact that it took me 3 years to come out from under my PPD.. I am here now.


I am  the mother that I always wanted to be.

Maybe not 100% perfect.

But I am HERE.

my mind doesn’t run off when I am with them.

I sit and enjoy them.

I take them in.

because they are only going to be this age once.

And I’ll be damned if I miss it.


6 thoughts on “Gotta Get Down on Friday

  1. illy

    Wonderful post. I’m just wondering out of total curiosity but even though you cook do you do Kiddush/Shabbat every Friday?

  2. The Last Girl Standing

    Weird how it happens, isn’t it? That something that can sneak up on a person so suddenly can leave so slowly that it takes a person aback when they realize “hey…. I’m okay!”. I’m so happy for you. And your girls. That you can enjoy and appreciate each other the way you should. Expensive makeup excluded 😉 xoox!


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