Wardrobe Week Rewind

Hey There!

So my segment last week seemed to be a hit with you all! Some of you even came out of the woodwork and commented for the first time. I wish everyone who read my blog would comment- I mean, I would love to know who all of you hiding behind the screen are!! I really would!

I truly enjoy doing these segments because first: I love clothes. Second: I have so many tips and no one to share them with!! I will with my girls when they get older, but for now- I love sharing them with you all!!!

Also- as many have you noticed- I dont smile in these pictures.

The truth is, they are taken right before my morning coffee and like 10 minutes after I wake up, so a smile would be forced- because dude I am TIRED.

Outfit #1

 Shirt/Cropped: H&M

Nude Tank: The Limited

 Black Pants, Harem: Zara

 Multi Colored Necklace: F21 

Tip: Cropped shirts are fashionable right now, but obviously the do not work for everyone! So, In order to make this work, I paired it with a tank underneath which was longer. The black pants were a touch baggy (harem) at the top, so they worked well to hide a pooch.


Outfit 2

 Shirt/Black Patterned: F21

Vest: F21

 Light Jean leggings: H&M

  Belt: H&M

  Tip: I tried to wear the black shirt by itself, but it was loose-fitting and did nothing for my figure. I decided to pair it with a vest and a belt, again, to break up the body and make the waist appear smaller.

Outfit 3



Jeans: Esprit

 Necklace: F21 

 Tip: The top was a bit loose, so I wore it with Jeans- both solid colors and plain, so I threw on a large necklace


Outfit 4

 Animal Print Tunic:H&M

Cardigan/ Light Green: Old Navy

Black Leggings: H&M 

Necklace: F21

  Tip: The Tunic is called a “dress” at H&M, but only in a world for people under 3 feet apparently. I paired it with leggings, and added a punch of color with the cardigan. The cardigan was long, so it covered my tush.



Outfit 5


Tank : F21

Cardigan: J crew

 Jeans: F21

Belt: Anne Says 

 Tip: The belt adds dimension to he outfit- again, breaking it up to the eye. The cardigan hides the love handles on the side. If I weren’t wearing a cardigan, you would be able to see the them predominantly.


It’s really about hiding what you dont like….Again for me it’s my belly (which I hide with loose-fitting tops that I cinch at the top of the waist) and arms- which I hide with cardigans or shirts with sleeves.

I would love to answer your questions!



18 thoughts on “Wardrobe Week Rewind

    1. gemini-girl Post author

      WHAT? Is there not one by where you live? They have super cute stuff for amazing prices. I esp love their jewelry!! so so cheap.

  1. Michelle

    Hi! I’m just commenting because, y’know, you said you’d like that. (Apparently I’m an insufferable blog suckup. Look at me! I follow directions! Like me! :))

    I’ve been reading for awhile but can not for the life of me remember how I found you. It was either that some other blog I read linked to you, you left an interesting comment somewhere and I followed you back home, or my RSS reader suggested you as someone I’d be interested in reading.

    I don’t care HOW I found you but I’m glad I did because I do enjoy reading what you write and this fabulous fashion thing you are doing is like the cherry on top.

    1. gemini-girl Post author

      Hi Michelle!!
      This is why I want people to comment! I get so many people to the blog daily, yet only a handful comment. I always wonder about those who dont!!!

      I think you prob found my blog through Heather Spohr- she once linked to me and my site nearly crashed (she’s a big time blogger and one of my BFF’s)

      1. Michelle

        Yes! That’s how I found you!!! If Heather told me to go read a cereal box I would do it. And, see? This is why. I found another great blog because of her.

  2. Terri

    I’m one of those who hardly ever comments. 🙂 LOVE the fashion posts, I’m so clueless about that kind of thing. Thanks for sharing the tips.

    1. gemini-girl Post author

      Terri! thank you for commenting. I love to know more about my readers. SO glad you like the fashion posts!!! my husband thinks i’m crazy when I take pics of myself in the mirror every morning!

  3. Nanette

    I love your style, and particularly how you accessorize. I’m also a big fan of F21 jewelry. I’ve yet to find much clothing there that fits me, but I keep looking.

    1. gemini-girl Post author

      Nanette- their clothes are starting to become more forgiving with regards to cut and sizes! Go in and try again- the tops are pretty awesome.

  4. queenfrigid

    Outfit number one is my favorite!!

    Once I give birth to my son (in about three months), I hope to lose some weight and go back to my beloved 14 size (as good as I will ever get). Maybe then, you can give me some tips!

  5. Nellie

    I love this and keep it coming! By the way, you have awesome fashion sense and I totally forgive you for not smiling – didn’t realize you take these pictures before your morning coffee! Personally, I’d look like someone ran me over and took a picture of me chasing after them with vengence. So, you look amazing and I love your hair wavy – FABULOUSNESS!!!!

  6. Melody

    Hi! I am a total blog stalker… found you a while back through Heather’s site. I love how you write… so honest and relatable. And these fashion posts are awesome, as I am pretty lacking in that department! Plus living in Montana requires layers almost every single day so I am learning a few new tricks from you… so thank you! And once again, hello there. 🙂

    1. gemini-girl Post author

      Hi melody- thanks for posting!! How is the weather in montana in the summer? I am so glad my tips are helping!!!!

      1. Melody

        Montana summers range from 50’s to over a hundred {a few times a year}. But as of now, summer seems so far off… we are soaked with rain and the mountain tops are still covered with snow! Ugh.

  7. sherene

    I have to travel 10 hours for F21 store. Did I say singular? oh yes the only one store in Phil.
    Never been there actually.
    But my best friend who lives in US send me some stuffs from F21, i know I’m such a lucky girl:)) I might take a picture and post them as well hahaha. I’m such a copy cat.
    You are so fabulous, chic and sassy. I like ur fashion style, definitely will follow ur advises.:))

  8. Jen

    OK, I’m coming out of lurkdom too 🙂 Since you said you wanted to know more about your readers, here’s the short version on me. I’m a 40 yr old mom of 3 girls who lives in a small midwest town. Very little fashion sense, I like to buy things off the mannakins (sp??) so I know it looks good together, I’m not good at mixing things up. Moving to the Charleston SC area this summer, nervous as heck about that but looking forward to “starting from scratch” again too.

    Love this fashion blogging that you are doing. I went back and looked at the pics again to tell you which outfit I liked best, and I can’t decide. You look great!

  9. sunshine986

    I still see nothing even close to love handles or a belly so you must hide it very well! Or you are delusional! 🙂

    I am a very boring dresser and I am hoping to be inspired to take more chances with fashion by seeing your pulled-together looks. I am awful at looking at pieces separately and seeing how they might go with something else. I’m very fashion-challenged. I consider your blog fashion therapy for me. I need it desperately.

    And a request – could you do a post about Israel? I know you talk about it here and there but I am fascinated by it. I would love to hear more about the differences between here and there and how you are adjusting to the change. What is hard for you? What is easy? What do you miss most about NYC? What would you miss most about Israel if you left? Sorry to be nosy, just interested.


  10. Kay

    Hey, I’m coming out of the woodwork but I’m also consistently like a week behind reading the blogs I follow so I’m just now doing so. I really enjoy your blog because it’s very down to earth and real and I love reading the fashion posts!!! 🙂


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