It Ended Well

I had a bad day on Tuesday.

I fought with my manager.

He made a comment and it was the straw that broke the camels back.

I started yelling.

Not at him per say, but at the situation.

I often feel unappreciated by someone at my company.

 My position was relatively new when I started so it’s kind of a mish mash of things. 

So when my manager made a comment about the said person- i lost it.

I pride myself in being professional, but when you feel unappreciated it kind of bubbles to the surface.

You either let it out, or it festers inside of you until you become sick.

I’m not great at hiding my feelings.

I am a very passionate person.


I started crying.

I know- total girl move.

That may make or break me one day- My emotions


The rest of my day was great at work.

But I still felt overwhelmed and numb.

Sometimes you need a good nap after you explode (that’s what she said)



My husband picked me up from the train station at the end of the day, with my beautiful girls sleeping in their car seats in the back.

I told him I wanted to go out that night.

To dinner.

We havent been on a date: just the two of us: since our anniversary in September.

That’s 8 months now- crazy

He was for it.

We carried the girls to their beds, asked his 17-year-old sister to babysit and off we went.

There is a restaurant that we’ve been hearing about since we moved to Israel.

It’s supposedly amazing.

I called to make a reservation and they barely squeezed us in.

But I’m glad they did.

The food was outrageous.

Herb Salad with cheese filled cigars


Sweet potato ravioli with dried figs in a light cream sauce= orgasm

(food always makes it better- esp if it involves cheese) 



I spoke to my husband about my day and how upset I was.

He listened and was supportive.

He always is.

Sometimes I forget that.

You get too wrapped up in pointing fingers at one another- about who does what and more with the kids….

And you forget that you are a couple first and foremost.


Anyway,  when we came home- I was beat.


All I wanted to do was get in bed.

one glass of wine makes this mama tired.

I turned the lights on in my room and to my surprise found this little bundle in it:


Turns out that this emotional filled day.. ended well after all.


9 thoughts on “It Ended Well

    1. gemini-girl Post author

      The place is called “ratatouille” it’s by Ashdod… truthfully, anything is driveable within israel!!

      1. Jess

        I so agree =) It blows my friends’ minds when I tell them how I used to make a 6 hour trip home from university several times a month and I’m all “Eilat – bring it onnnnnnnnnnn”

        And now I have a ridiculous craving for fancy ravioli…

  1. edenland

    Yum. Wow – I’ve never seen anything like it, that food looks SO exotic!

    I love it. Love your new header. Loved your little visitor in your bed at the end. Waiting for mumma to get home. XOXOX

    1. gemini-girl Post author

      why thanks for noticing the new header love! come to israel- lots of AMAZING food. LOTS.
      Of course, I am awaiting a jar of vegemite one day… i totally spelled that wrong, didnt i?

  2. mel

    The food looks amazing! Those kind of days suck. I’ve cried to my manager who is a douche twice this month out of anger. If I can’t yell, I cry and that sucks. It makes me feel all girly but sometimes it’s just necessary. Sleeping baby pics make everything better though, I swear. I take them daily.

  3. Valerie

    Ohhhhhhhh, you made me so hungry!! Don’t even know where I’d go here in the heart of Armpit, Ohiooooooo to find something looking even half as good!!
    It’s so hard not to let your emotions get the better of you at work, whether it’s an p.i.t.a. boss or coworker. I’ve got one here that I need to keep reminding myself is such a MISERABLE person, that I should ignore how horrible she is and just feel SORRY for her!! At least you’ve got a hubby who understands (mine sometimes sort of hints around me doing something to deserve it!!) and those two UNBELIEVABLY cute kiddos to make it all worthwhile!!
    Much love from an exiled NYer in Ohiooooooooo!

  4. Lisa

    Saw your post a couple of days ago. Wanted to reply, but I was at work. Sitting next to my bitchy mgr. So I thought it best to wait and comment from home. I have worked w/ her for 5 yrs. She has a horrible home life w/ her “husband” (she is not married to him- I looked it up). She also claims she owns her home and I looked that up to, she does not. Such a liar! Do people not realize these things are public record? So that is why she acts the way she does. He treats her like crap and is a control freak. So her way of um, expressing that is to come to work and be nasty and controlling to me and as many other people that she can get away w/ as well. I have had to confront her twice about it, so I can stop coming home from work and plotting ways to poison her- JUST KIDDING. I had HAD it with her, and I told her just that about 2 weeks ago. Of course she claimed to have no clue what I was talking about, denied all of the crap she has done- including not speaking to me for days at a time even when I ask a question, she totally ignores me. And we literally face each other all day. I have wanted to throw my stapler at her head too many times. She has gotten better since, but was very rude yesterday. So i was rude right back. Which is probably not the best way to handle it, but much better than hurling giant objects at her. Why do people act this way? My job is stressful enough w/o her crap. So prob will have to sit her down again soon as i will not tolerate her personal life attacking me when she feels like it. So I feel
    your pain. It sucks to have tension at work. And the date night was a great idea. Food looks amazing, something I have never seen before. And coming home to your pumpkin in ur bed just makes it all worth it now doesnt it? 🙂 Have to go now, my child is literally climbing on top of me and trying to delete what I am writing. Lisa

  5. queenfrigid

    I work for my parents and I always feel unappreciated. They have a way of telling me that I will not succeed in real life!

    I can understand where you are coming from about how you feel and I am glad that at least your date with your husband ended well.

    That is all that matters at the end 🙂


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