Wardrobe Week Rewind

Something you may not all know about me is that I am a CLOTHES HORSE.

Saying that I love clothes is an understatement.

When I was a young girl, I really wasn’t obsessed with clothes. I was more into playing rough and getting dirty (I really hope that sentence doesn’t bring weird people to this site).

80's chic (also notice the crazy eyes)


As I entered high school, I started taking notice to the clothes that girls were wearing. I went to an all girls school, so the only thing we really had was the way we dressed.

I forced my mom to buy me clothes with her limited budget.. but they were ill- fitting and kind of matronly since I went to a religious all girls school (skirts had to be LONG and you had to wear long sleeved shirts).

My sophomore year, the school implemented a uniform (thank the lord) so we all became equal again (except for the super expensive shoes girls started wearing-  I was not one of them). I liked wearing my doc martins- which was  NOT COOL.

Oh well, going against the grain I suppose.


College hit and I had a chance to reinvent myself.

I had a job and I could finally afford clothes!

It was a dream.

I joined a sorority and I was quickly becoming the “stylish” sister.

Wow- me?? I thought to myself.

Of course just as quickly as my wardrobe tripled, so did my debt.

Oy the debt.


Today I am in a good place with debt and clothes.

I have a handle on them both.

The one thing that I can say for myself is that I  know how to dress my body.

I am a size 10 and I am ok with that.

I was once a size 6 (prior to birthing the ladies) and was super happy with that size ( I am 5″6)

I was also a size 14.

So all in all, I am ok.

I know what looks good on my body.

What to hide, what to show off.

All of it is really a trick of the eye.

For example, My upper arms are large, so you will never see me in a tank top.


But that’s ok too.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good.

That is my most important tip.

I pair J Crew with Forever 21!!

I don’t know how I’ve been blogging for years without posting about this!

I will now (*try*) to do a New segment “My Wardrobe Week Rewind”.

Let’s start with the last few days:

Outfit 1

Shirt/ Long Tunic: Motherhood (Purchased when I was pg)

Jean Belt: Purchased in 2001 from Rainbow (NYC super cheap store)

Silver Bracelet: F21

Green Purse: F21

Tip: The Tunic was very large so I decided to pair it was a thick jean belt. Also- when wearing black: Go for the accessories: belts, necklaces, rings etc!




Outfit 2

Shirt: Mossimo Target

Pants:  Harem, H&M

Necklace: F21

Tip: Since the shirt was loose fitting and black, I figured I could get away with tan colored tighter pants. Always pair a loose top (or pant) with a tighter piece.

Also? Since the colors were neutral, I decided to use a blast of color with a turquoise necklace


Outfit 3

 Abstract Tunic: H&M 

Cardigan:  J Crew

Skinny Jeans (like leggings): F21

Beige Necklace: Find off of ebay (from the UK)

Tip: The Tunic was long (covered my ass) so I could wear it with tight jean leggings. Also- pairing it with a light rose cardigan  made it OK to go to work in. In addition, statement necklaces put focus on the top half of your body.


Outfit 4

 Blue Stripe Dress: H&M 

Cardigan:  H&M

  Necklaces: Blue: Urban Outfitters, Pink: F21

 Tip: The shirt dress hit right by the knee.

I decided to pair it was a blue cardigan which was just a tad longer than the dress to have more coverage. Also the dress was a little large, so the cardigan helps hide that.

The colors were too blue and the outfit too neutral, so I decided to layer it was necklaces.


Outfit 5

 Blue Short sleeved cardigan: F21 

Light Tank Top:  store in Ireland

  Skirt: F21

Belt: F21

 Tip:  The skirt is full, so I needed to have a tight top on. BUT I have a post baby gut (shut up -it’s only been 3.5 years) so I dont like to wear tight tops. No fear- I paired it with a cardigan (which helps hide love handles) and paired it with a belt- to take the focus off the gut- and breaks up the outfit to the eye. No accessories as the outfit is colorful enough!



So tell me girls: Do you like this segment? Would you like to see more of it? 

 Also??? What tips do you have! I may just try them myself and post pictures!!!



24 thoughts on “Wardrobe Week Rewind

  1. Nellie

    Wow, you totally rock your clothes and love them all! My only complaint, you are a GORGEOUS girl and would love to see a smile punctuate that! 🙂

    Seriously, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how you dress and accessorize!!

    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      Nellie- I apologize for lack of smiles. That’s usually how I am when I just wake up before my morning coffee!!! lol

  2. edenland

    Holy jeebus lady ….. you are looking AMAZING. You look fantastic – you’ve always looked great, but wow.

    And, I so knew that about you … you’re a goddamn fashionista. I would LOVE if you could style me one day. When we actually meet up. All I ever wear is jeans.

    Hey you could be a virtual fashion stylist!

  3. Carrie

    I like this. I need all the help I can get fashion-wise.

    Although I have to say I see no post baby gut! 🙂


    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      carrie- there is a huge gut!! it’s hidden well that’s why i’m sharing my tips!

  4. Katherine

    I like the fashion notes – especially the how/why of the outfit. I can look at the pictures but don’t always pick up on the process that makes it work. the notes about adding color with a necklace was really helpful.

  5. Txtingmrdarcy

    I like it! You have an awesome sense of style… Keep teaching those of us who happen to be teeshirt and jean worshippers. 😉

    Like the new header as well!

  6. Emily

    I LOOOVE how you paired the blue and pink necklaces together! I always try to do interesting things with my accessories but never know how to put colors together that aren’t too matchy and that don’t clash. I will definitely keep checking in to see what else you have to show us!!!

  7. Kirsten

    Love it!! I have always wished to be one of those who could walk into any store and pull together several outfits…I am lucky if I can come out with one shirt I like. I just don’t know how to put things together so I love seeing your outfits and getting ideas and also the fact that you are buying from reasonably priced places!!!

  8. Beth

    Love this as I’m a clotheshorse, too, always looking for ideas. I’m especially loving your last outfit – so cute (and yet, chic)! 🙂

  9. queenfrigid

    I have been reading your blog for a while, but this is the first time I comment.

    I love love your sense of fashion. Outfit number five is my favorite.


  10. Eva Havens

    I love the idea of this! I have ZERO fashion sense and so I have no concept of how to look stylish, feel comfortable and feel pretty all at the same time. I would love for you to keep doing this and explaining the rationale behind each piece so that I, and others like myself, could learn how to really LOOK at clothes to make a nice and cohesive outfit from them.

  11. Lisa

    Okay, so I have no fashion sense at all. You look awesome and put together outfits VERY well. Can you please come to my house each morning (short commute to South Florida I PROMISE) and dress me? Please? I need some assistance in this dept so I would love to see more of your segments. And more smiling please, or some smiling? 🙂 Oh- and um you do not have a gut!!! I have a gut, you so do not. You look great!! Lisa

    1. gemini-girl Post author

      Lisa I promise one day to have the guts to show you my gut!!! Because it is there. It’s all about how you mask it!!!

  12. Lisa

    Spanks perhaps? Is that your secret? I dont own any but maybe I should. Off subject- but I have a bathing dress that I am forced to wear due to my size/ass/gut/etc. A bathing dress at 36, really?? My grandma has one almost the same as mine. Horrifying! I bought it last summer for a family trip to the keys. And I am just now getting used to the fact that I must wear it if I wanna participate w/ my 3yo daughters water involved activities. I wore it last week to a water park and went on water slides in my damn tropical patterned grandma bathing dress! In front of my friends hubby. And I did not care and had a blast. But I also went on Adkins 3 days ago. So maybe I will be able to have other suit options in approx 2-3 months?? 🙂 Otherwise, I will embrace the dress & gut and get over it. Fun!! Lisa


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