Only in your Dreams

So last night I had a sexy time dream starring..

 wait for it….

Steve Martin!

Say what now?

(I think it was because I read an article yesterday about going white prematurely, and there was a little picture of Steve Martin)

In my dream I was so in to him for his intellect.

He turned my mind on.

I’ve always liked guys that challenged me.

Of course, that can also be a  frustrating thing.

I once dated a guy that rocked my mind.

But, he also drove me crazy.

He thought he knew more than I did.

he had a big brain but a tiny tiny penis.

But, as I see it both parties need to teach each other things.

When I first started dating my husband, he listened to everything I said and really learned from me.

I loved it.

He in turn, schooled me on things that I have absolutely no knowledge on.

He still does.

a lot of technical stuff.

Shit that I truly never listen to.

Because my brain would go up in smoke and flames.

Anyway, I awoke from my dream this morning, kind of pissed off that I wasnt actually hooking up with Steve Martin.


(I mean, just look at that nose! rawr)

Which stars have you had naughty dreams about- spill it!!


4 thoughts on “Only in your Dreams

  1. Angie M.

    steven segal..yes you read that right. i have NO idea why since he grosses me out.
    so he did all these kung fu moves on some bad men in my dream, which apparently turned me on…lol

  2. Sarah, The Crazy Baby Mama

    I’m less into the actors and more into characters they play… (probably because my grip on reality is tenuous at best.) I think my favorite elaborate dream involved Zach Braff’s JD from Scrubs.

    I also think there was a moment when I fell in love with the president in Independence Day.


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