9 years

So my husband and I have been together for 9 years now.

It’s so crazy to think about that.

I’ts kinda like 1/3 of my life.

9 years ago this week, we kissed.

I was on Spring Break in Israel.

I was 20 going on 21.

I had known him my whole life, and had a crush on him since I was 10.

So to kiss him was like crossing  an item off of my bucket list.

We had an amazing 2 weeks together, but then I had to fly home to New York.

I thought about him a lot.

I felt that we had a deep connection and that the only reason that we weren’t together was because of the distance.

I guess I was right- my intuition is usually spot on.

I made arrangements to fly back to Israel that summer.

Within my first week back to Israel, we were living together.

We’ve been together ever since.


Sometimes I hate him.

Sometimes he HATES me.


Though we love each other with  the same passion.

At first, I thought I had made a mistake marrying him.

I mean, I was so young(23) and he was only my second boyfriend.


 I never did the things that I thought I would do:

Live in an apartment with friends

Be single in Manhattan

Go abroad with friends

Go out with more guys

But at the end of the day- that doesn’t really matter.


I found my husband early on in life.

That means I found my partner in crime at a younger age.

He keeps me grounded.

I help him dream.

So what if he doesn’t acknowledge my birthday or buy me a present -he will on the other hand be watching our kids this year for 4 days while mommy is off to Paris with her friends- celebrating her 30th birthday!


The other day i was laying on the couch and he caressed my hair- which btw never happens- we never have the time, or energy.

He told me that when he drops me off every morning at the train station- he looks at me while I walk away and is so proud that I am his wife.

And I didn’t have anything sarcastic to say (which is so unlike me)

It made me smile.

Sometimes I need to remember that we are a couple first, and then parents.


Do you often forget that you are a couple first and foremost? What do you do to nurture your relationships?


13 thoughts on “9 years

  1. AnonMommy

    Oh that is so sweet.

    We’ve been married five years and some months and sometimes I hate him but then the next moment I don’t.

    We try do go out on dates but sometimes life just gets in the way (or our babysitter plans fall through)

  2. Amy

    I read your blog often, but I have never left a comment–but had to today. You are STUNNING!! My goodness!!

    My hubby and I married young as well, (22) we bought a home the month before getting married and are still in the same home, and have adopted on baby boy. Life. is. good 🙂

  3. Lisa

    Okay, have tears in my eyes sitting at my desk. My husband and I have been together for 9 years too! This Sat is our 6th anniversary. And even though he forgot to get the day/night off of work, I still love him. We also HATE sometimes too. That would make us normal in my book. I often say, “I dont even like you right now.” And now he says it back. 🙂 But luckily for me, he gets my sarcastic humor and lets me be me. For the most part. I also help him to dream while he keeps me attached to Earth. So I feel you sister! We have a 3 yr old daughter, so it is hard to remember that you have to have couple time. We will be going to dinner for our anniversary (Bonefish Grill- YUM) a night early, but I will forgive him. Just this one time…… 🙂 PS- Love the pic of you two from 2008- love the glow. And have a great time Paris!!! Lisa

  4. Nanette

    Love this post! Happy anniversary!

    We’ve always been really good together, but I’m trying to make more of an effort to capture that early young-love spirit.

  5. KJ and the Kids

    What a beautiful love story. I hope he reads it.
    And what a sweet and thoughtful comment to say. He can’t imagine the miles and miles that compliment will take you.
    Happy Anniversary.

  6. Sadye

    Your post could be my husband and I (except we don’t live in Israel, or have twins…but I have a twin sister, so maybe that counts.) We met when I was 20, married at 22. The love, the hate, but mostly the love. My husband once told me something that I will never forget.

    When I think about our relationship there is more good than bad. The day that is reversed is the day I will worry…until then stop hogging the bed.

  7. Hend

    Happy Anniversary!

    My husband and I will celebrate our two year anniversary on Sunday.Things with us moved very quickly, and there have been a lot of ups and downs. There are times where I wonder if I made a mistake, because I said yes to marrying him only two months after we met. Now that we have a one-year-old daughter we constantly forget that we’re a couple first and foremost. It really is something we have to work very hard on. When things get tough, I just take him out for a beer and we try to discuss things without being angry (and in a neutral place where we can’t YELL). 🙂

    I wish you a lifetime of love

  8. sherene

    I can relate to ur story, sometimes I hate my husband, the next I’m kissing him like the first time. How lovely life is ha.:))
    Happy Anniv:))

  9. edenland

    Oh my gosh, I read this and when you wrote the part about how he looks at you when you walk away, I seriously wept. A big sob with tears and everything.

    You are so damn beautiful. So is he. Wow.


  10. Txtingmrdarcy

    “I found my husband early on in life.
    That means I found my partner in crime at a younger age.
    He keeps me grounded.
    I help him dream.”

    That is lovely. 🙂 As someone who met my fiancee at age 11 (he was 13)(and we didn’t start dating until 15 years later), I’m in your boat. Happiest of Anniversaries. 🙂


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