No Words

I need to write about this.

My soul is aching.

It’s aching and bleeding for a family that I have never met before.

I  have been living in Israel for 10 months now.

The first thing my American friends always ask me is about the terrorism.

Do I feel it?

Is it apparent?

Does it affect your day-to-day life?

The truth is, it doesn’t.

The only thing that’s often inconvenient is that you have to walk through metal detectors and have your bags checked when you go anywhere public: trains, malls, etc.

Besides for that… it doesn’t feel any different.

But sometimes, sometimes…

Sometimes you are reminded that it IS different.

That people hate you for being Jewish.

That people want to eradicate you.

This past Friday night, while I was dozing off on my couch, with my girls tucked into their beds, a family living 2 hours away from me was BUTCHERED.

The Fogel Family…

Udi & Ruth Fogel, 35.

Their 3 children:

 Yoav, 11

Elad, 3

Hadas, 3 months old.

A terrorist broke in through their window.

And killed the father Udi, while Hadas his 3 month old daughter was laying in his arms.

Ruth put up a struggle.

But she too was killed.

The terrorist then moved on to the bedroom where the 3-year-old, and 11-year-old was sleeping.

Stabbed them to death.

The only ray of light in this was that the terrorist didn’t notice the 2-year-old sleeping on the couch, or the  9-year-old asleep in an extra bedroom.

Ruth’s eldest daughter 12, came home to a locked house.

She knocked, but no one answered.

She called out to her brother, one of the few survivors, who came to open the door for her.

At that moment, she was no longer a child.

She is now forever broken.

She is now a surrogate mother to her two younger brothers.

A neighbor came and whisked them away.

But what was seen, can never be unseen.


The American media isn’t really talking about this.

I know that this news story coincided with the Japan tsunami and earthquake.

A nuclear explosion.

Thousands killed, so what’s 5 more?

But the difference is.. they were MURDERED.


But that is NO EXCUSE to not report about this.

I had the unfortunate experience of clicking on a news link about the story and seeing pictures of their murdered bodies.

Usually, by Jewish law, you cannot publicize pictures of dead bodies.

But this time, they are making an exception.

They want the world to see what animals the terrorists are.

What I saw, can never be erased from my mind.

I have 3 year olds.

I can’t even begin to imagine.

Nor do I want to.

This family lived on the border, in a Jewish settlement not far from the Palestinians.

Many of the Palestinians want these settlements out.

They HATE the Jews residing there.

Usually, these Jewish families are religious.

They don’t harm anyone.


I can’t claim that I am expert on Israeli/ Palestinian relations.

I know that Palestinians often launch  missiles into Jewish territories, the Israeli army then retaliats with their own missiles, and people are killed.

The Palestinians then release pictures of dead bodies (women, children) to show what the “Israeli’s” did… the Israeli’s don’t show their casualties because it’s against Jewish law.


A friend of mine at work, told me that when he was in the army a few years ago, he would patrol the border.

Often, the Palestinian terrorists would send out LITTLE CHILDREN with guns to shoot at the Israeli soldiers.

My friend didn’t know what to do.

I mean, what the fuck do you do?

Do you kill the child?

Will you allow yourself to be killed?

what kind of decision is that!!!?


I know there were protests about building a mosque near ground zero.

Personally, I have no problem with that.

Why would I?

If I were against that, it would be like I was saying that all Arabs and Muslims are bad horrible people.

But I know better.

I have some good friends who happen to be muslim.

Not all Arabs are Terrorists.

Terrorists don’t even deserve to be called animals.

They don’t care for their own lives, so why should they care about a 3 month old?

Who slashes a 3 month old in the throat??

What the hell is this world coming to?

I am so so saddened.

Palestinians gave out candy on the streets this past weekend to celebrate the murder.


I know that life goes on and people forget.

But those three surviving children will NEVER forget.

Their mommy and daddy wont be there for birthdays or holidays. They will never dance at their weddings. They will never get a hug from mommy or daddy ever again.

Please take a moment to watch and remember.. we cant turn a blind eye.

We just cant.


49 thoughts on “No Words

    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      All we can do is talk about it. To tweet about it. To not forget it. It’s just not right.

  1. Lauren

    You put into words what I was unable to today. I was fighting back tears and sobs at my desk this morning after seeing those photos. The reality is far far worse and makes you wonder if there is a shred of humanity left in this murderer. I have no words of hope, there will be no rainbow for this family. Sick, sick, sick.

  2. Kir

    You r right there are no words..nothing to say about the hate, the brutality, the savage nature and lack of remorse. My god what have we as people become, it scares and digusts me. Please be safe…I will be thinking of u and your beautiful girls..and those other three children forced to grow up too fast. Xo

  3. edenland

    I can’t comprehend. I didn’t want to finish watching the Glenn Beck video. But I knew I had to know what happened, to pay my respects silently to that poor family.

    Down here in Australia … we’re relatively free from a lot of ugliness that happens in other parts of the world. Especially cultural and religious differences … even though lately, there are a lot of rumblings about refugees, and where mosques get built. Ignorance breeds hate, I know that.

    I may be a spoilt, white, ignorant western woman – but I do not hate. And I want to stand in the Light, with my family.

    Please stay safe, Gemini. I always wondered how “safe” you were over there. Oh hon. Take it easy.


  4. Brittonie

    This is truely horrible. I am living in Australia, and I have had no idea that this happened. Everything has been about the Japanese Floods, and the Earthquakes and about a Teenager’s 16 birthday going viral.

    But nothing about this.

    My thoughts are with these poor unfortunate children, and that these terrorists will get what they deserve. Anybody who does something like this, should be punished. This is torture. The only miracle, as you said, is that the killers did not realize there were others little children in the house. But even though they were spared this torture, it is nothing like the torture they will endure for the rest of their lives.

    Thank you for posting this. I found it through a tweet. You have had the courage to say what has need to be said.


  5. Kristy

    Wow. I followed a Twitter link to this post and I am just speechless. The amount of ugly in the world is terrifying and disgusting.

    One of my husband’s friends is a soldier in the army. He was stationed over in Iraq. A child (around 10ish I believe) came around a corner with a gun and pointed at him and may have shot, I’m not sure on that part. Anyway, my husband’s friend shot and killed the kid. He’s a wreck now. He lost his marriage (to a woman in the armed forces) and he is now a raging alcoholic who is just unable to do anything.

    Again, I know there are words that need to be said. I just can’t think of anything that will be even close to adequate.

  6. Lisa

    SO incredibly sad and unfair. And the US news should report more on this. Along with the tragedy in Japan. Please se safe. Lisa

  7. Erica

    Thank you for giving these murdered victims a voice. I had no idea this had happened until you told me. I will tell others and hopefully, they’ll tell even more people.

    I don’t know why, but it still stuns me to know the depths to which we, as humans beings, will sink to hurt one another. Especially in the name of God.

  8. amy d

    Indeed, what is this world coming to?? I am physically ill over this. Your title is perfect…there truly are no words. My heart hurts for this family.

  9. StacieT

    Hatred like this is just so overwhelming and too much for me to wrap my mind around. The whys could never be adequately answered because there just is NO answer for doing this kind of maddness.

    It makes me sick to my stomach.

    Sending love and many hugs to you and yours, Maya. Please be safe…

  10. Hend

    Dear Gemini Girl,

    I’m so sorry.

    I’m a Muslim, Arab woman who happens to love your blog. I’ve been following it for a few months now but this is the first time I leave a comment. To be honest, I was curious about what would happen when you moved to Israel. I don’t know anyone who lives there.

    When I hear about these stories I can’t help but feel like I need to apologize for those people’s behavior. I know I’m not a terrorist. And I know that most Arabs and most Muslims aren’t terrorists either. But what happened to that family is atrocious, and I cannot believe that someone out there used God and religion as an excuse for something like this. I kind of feel like I did when 9/11 happened. I was living in Texas at the time. I didn’t leave my house for two weeks.

    The point is, I hope people can spread the word about what’s happening. There is no reason for this to happen. No reason for a family to have to suffer something so horrendous. No reason for a 3 month old to be butchered like that. I am a mother. I cannot even begin to imagine.

    So to all of Israel and the Jewish community, I truly am sincere when I say that I am sorry.

    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      You have no need to apologize. You are not the one who did this. There is a difference between terrorists and the rest of the world. you dont fall into that category. please please please know that you are beautiful for who you are.. you are not defined by a minority.

  11. Mara

    So disturbing. I can’t believe this happened. I unfortunately can believe that some Muslims celebrated this, I remember after 9/11 there were some who celebrated with fireworks. Thank you for sharing this and creating awareness.

  12. Emily

    This is SO upsetting! But I think I’m even more upset that I have had heard no mention of this in the States. As a member of the Jewish community I am outraged. And as a human being I am devastated.

    It’s a terrible feeling to think that there are people out there who violently HATE you simply for what you believe. I wish there was something I could do, some solution that could easily be reached. But I know that all I can do is practice tolerance and encourage others to do so.

    This family is in my thoughts and prayers as are you.

  13. Loukia

    I did read about this story when it happened, and my heart broke into a thousand pieces. Seeing the pictures now made me cry, hard. It is beyond horrific, the worst nightmare imaginable.

  14. Major Bedhead

    I’ve heard a lot about this on NPR. It was horrifying. It *is* horrifying. My heart just aches for those poor children, the ones who died, the ones who were left behind. I don’t agree with everything that’s done in Israel or by the Palestinians, but this? This was…I don’t even have words. Why? Why would anyone do this?

  15. Fray Close

    I get my news on twitter now. Most of it from the middle east. (I am watching the revolutions). I don’t know anything about the Israel Palestine situation, it was on my list to check into properly when my brain can handle the huge amount of info, this isn’t new and it is a lot to read.
    What I can tell you is that I am not following anyone from Israel. This story was all over my feed, with shock, horror and condemnation. No one rejoiced. Nor do I see antisemitic ranting. I see anti-israel stuff, against policies etc, but not about people.
    Don’t think that people don’t care. You’re just not looking in the right places 🙂

  16. Julie

    This is horrible, I started crying when I read your post. How can this be the world we live in? It is so brutal to think about and my heart is breaking from this news, all I can do is pray and think about this family and inform others of this tragedy. Thank you for writing this, although I’m sure it was painful to do, this family deserves to have their story known. What happened to them is NOT okay.

  17. Jennifer

    It’s a horrible tragic story and sickens me to the core.

    I wish people would begin to realize that it’s RELIGION that causes this kind of tragedy. As Christopher Hitchens says “Religion poisons everything.”

    I don’t want to go on an atheist diatribe on your blog (my first time here) but FUCK I wish people would start realizing this. Putting up these stupid pointless barriers of hate through religion is SO senseless. I wish people could start to think as adults and overcome the nonsensical drival we’re fed as children and just treat people as people.

    I keep seeing “praying for Japan” on Twitter. Praying to whom? The “being” that sent the earthquake and the tsunami? Praying for what? That some of the suffering victims be spared when “God” could have prevented the disaster in the first place?

    Sorry for the rant–stories like this on top of the crazy talk I’ve been hearing about the tragedy in Japan have me exasperated. I wish everyone would start reading Dawkins and Hitchens et al and start thinking for themselves and taking our lives back from religion and all the hate it spews.

    I’m very sorry to hear about this family and my heart goes out to the surviving children.

  18. Mona S

    Hi Gemini,

    I’m a long time reader of your blog but this is the first time that I’m commenting. Like Hend, I’m Muslim, though not Arab and reading about this just broke my heart. I have two kids and one is three, too. I find it so hard to believe there are these misguided people doing these things in the name of Islam. Islam preaches none of this.

    Even in times of the worst battles, the Prophet always let the women and children go. I don’t understand why these ‘muslims’ aren’t following his example. Kristy’s comment was really hard to read as well because children were never, ever allowed to fight either!

    I was also in the US shortly after 9/11 and I cannot even begin to tell you what that felt like.

    I don’t know what else to say except that I’m really sorry to read about this.

  19. Charisse

    WOW! I am…I don’t even know what to say that I am. Horrified and bewildered that something like this could happen today. I don’t understand the reason for all this hate. I live in NY and we have heard nothing about this. All we are hearing about right now is Japan.My heart goes out to these poor children and their {hopefully present} extended family. You are right…what has been seen can not be unseen…these children have a long road ahead of them.

  20. Avishan

    I’m a Muslim too and I feel the need to clarify something.
    Muslims do not hate Jews. In the time of the prophet Muhammad, Jews and Muslims lived peacefully side by side. They worked together.
    These terrorists use the name of Islam whenthey do not even know what islam is.

    Killing innocent people especially women and children: forbidden in Islam.

    Suicide bombing: suicide is forbidden in Islam. It’s the most cowardly act of terrorism and these bombers are fooled into believing they will be martyrs and will be celebrated in paradise.

    Making children fight: forbidden in Islam, the prophet himself made sure there were no children in the army.

    Hatred in itself is forbidden in Islam whether it is directed at a Jew, a Christian or a Hindu.

    These crazy deranged men do not represent Islam or Muslims. Islam is such a beautiful religion if you really study it.

    Let me know if any of you have questions regarding Islam or any confusions and I will try my best to answer you 🙂


    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      I agree with you 100% – a minority does not represent a Majority. All religion is beautiful. All people are beautiful.
      thank you for writing this.

    2. amberhj

      I agree but why were so many people celebrating? Many of the celebrants appear to be citizens, not terrorists. It’s just so unbelievable. How is this action, and a celebratory response, remotely possible?

  21. kbeave

    This breaks my heart for more reasons than one. No family, no person should ever have to go through this. EVER.

    But what’s more, I’m so terribly sad that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has come to things like this. Both Israelis and Palestinians have gone through things no one should ever have to. Both sides have taken steps they never should have taken–government steps as well as steps by the people. And all in the name of God and religion. God doesn’t teach us this. I don’t care which one you pray to, God does not teach us to hate. People warp His word and religion to fit their own needs. And that’s probably the saddest thing of all.

    Avishan is right…these people don’t know Islam. They aren’t indicative of all Muslims.

    But even more than that, they aren’t even indicative of all Palestinians. You criticize them for saying things like “look what the Israelis did.” But haven’t you done the same thing? Aren’t you sitting here saying “look what the Palestinians did”?? Just like how all Muslims and Arabs aren’t terrorists, all Palestinians don’t support this. Whoever did this, even the people that celebrated it, do NOT speak for all Palestinians. I know too many Palestinians that are disgusted and ashamed that their people have come to this. Just like I know too many Israelis that are ashamed and disappointed at some of the things their country has done.

    Please be safe. I’ll be praying for these children, you and your family, as well as for every other family in Israel and Palestine. But most of all, I’ll be praying that whoever did this and whoever supports this realize the error of their ways.

  22. Amanda

    I feel physically sick. I will never understand how anyone can kill anyone, especially children… especially BABIES, over religion. How have we not come to accept eachother’s beliefs and respect that everyone has the right to chose what to believe? It’s 2011! This has gone on long enough.

  23. es

    I watched a short video posted on someone’s facebook wall of Netanyahu visiting the shiva home, and the tears just ran down my cheeks, especially hearing the cries of the 12 year old daughter who walked in to her home to see her parents and siblings brutally murdered. Some news sources, like the Times,mentioned the incident only very briefly, saying that they were killed by “intruders thought to be Palestinians” but then turned the whole article into a diatribe against Israel for building in these settlements. Someone on facebook started a page dedicated to the Fogel family, asking women to please light shabbat candles this shabbat in their memory- I know I will have them in my mind this Friday night.

  24. Lisa

    This makes me ache, makes me sad, makes me sick. The lengths some will go to, falsely in the name of God, just sickens me. My heart goes out to those children, the things they saw will be etched in their minds forever. I just want to wrap my arms around them and protect them.

    I’m also sad that this story has not been covered in the media. I’m currently in Australia and haven’t seen anything about this story. This needs to be shared so that maybe, one day, horrible murders like this will no longer happen, the hate will stop.

    Stay safe.

  25. The Last Girl Standing

    It’s been a while. Life has been hectic, our time zones have differed. But every now and then my mind stops it’s constant rattle and says “don’t forget.. maybe tomorrow, check in with Gemini Girl”. And another day passes. And another. And then I remember again, in the dead of night, when the computer has been shut down and the furnace has slowed down and it’s too cold to get out of the comfort of my bed, so I think, yet again, “don’t forget… tomorrow”. And so it goes. Again and again.

    And then today I made the time. Because enough was enough and I felt out of touch. Because I missed you. And it was almost like it was meant to be that today would be the day. With all that’s going on in the world, it was this reminder that I needed. That the tragedies of mother nature are nothing in comparison to the travesties of mankind.

    My heart aches. For that family. For the children left behind that will never again allow themselves to be children. For the fear I have for you and your girls. And for the absolute sadness I have for the world. How can people do such a thing and not only think it’s right but that it is deserving of celebration? Why are there still walls we cannot see that separate based on race or religion? And how can some of us see right and wrong so clearly while others can’t see it at all?

    Thank you for telling this story. For giving people who can no longer speak a voice. And for reminding us that not only are there are actual people behind headlines but that, sometimes, the story doesn’t even make the front page. I needed this reminder today. And the world needs it every day.

  26. Tara

    Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow, and I wish I could do something for that little girl who now has to raise her younger siblings.

  27. Lisa

    I wanted you to know that this story made it to my local news last night, I live in South Florida. And they reported this story on the 11pm news last night (cbs). So good to know that more and more people know about this horrific incident. Myabe, just maybe it will lead to a change…… Lisa


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