Damn You

Dear white hair atop my head,

How dare you?

How dare you keep growing back after I pluck you away?

You come back every.single.time.

I don’t want you here.

I am still young-ish.

I am not  yet 30.

So just because I am a mother now, I get to have you visit?

Mothers=Old= White Hair?

Is that the equation you son of a bitch?

I made a cute side braid this morning.

Well, at least I thought I looked cute.

I sat on the train, got on the bus… walked to work.

Happy with my cuteness.

That is, until I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a window.

There you were, sticking straight up on top of my head like Alfalfa, hanging out next to the braid.

Are you kidding me?

Do you know how stupid a  side braid looks with a WHITE HAIR?

Don’t think that I don’t know that you have more buddies hanging out, hiding inside of my hair?

 At least they have the decency to hide.

You were all proud- like, sitting like a king on his throne.

 But I will get you.


or I can come to terms with you and adopt this look:

 Whatever does happen between us hair… good or bad… we’re in this together.

Oh, and I would suggest you sleep with one eye open.

Your Friend,


q: How do you deal with your white hairs?


10 thoughts on “Damn You

  1. Nanette

    I feel your pain.

    For the moment I still get a kick out of finding the grays and plucking them. I have a feeling that it won’t be too long before that gets old for me.

  2. Kerrie

    Unfortunately, if I were to pluck out my grey’s – I would be almost bald. Thanks to my mom’s genes, I started going grey at 18. It could’ve been worse, she started when she was 13, and I found one in my 2-year old’s hair the other day. I’ve just decided to live with them.

  3. Nellie

    Oh, what a funny as sin post and one that I can totally relate to! My grey hair has turned into a breeding family on my head and they are having a grand ‘ol time. I’ve been getting my hair colored since forever but now it’s a MUST with the grey hairs. I find that if I do an overall color and then add highlights or just do highlights, they grey takes longer to come back in. I’d hate to see you dye your hair – from the pictures you post – you have beautiful dark and healthy hair. I’d hate to see it get damaged with coloring products. If anything, buy the Clairol or whatever brand it is that has the hair brush for in between coloring stages -so that all you have to do is add the dye on the grey strand alone. There’s also a mousse that can be put on hair between washings.

  4. Sara

    I’m blond. So fortunately, they blend in for now. I’m in my mid thirties, but it’s not uncommon for my family to prematurely go grey. My little brother started going grey when he was 16. He’s now 31 and about 80% grey. So I guess I need to thank my lucky stars!

  5. Mara

    Ugh, yeah I have the same problem. In the same spot, but I have three white hairs, not 1. I turn 30 in June, but I don’t feel old! I pluck them out, but they won’t give up. I heard that people with black hair go gray sooner than everyone else. Boo 😦

  6. Colleen

    I started getting unwanted visitors in my late teens. Now, at 39, I keep the horrid things at bay by visiting the salon EVERY.SIX.WEEKS. if I’m even 1 day late they show their ugliness!

  7. Hotomiky

    I feel ya! I had my first grey hair when I was 20. It could have worse as my mom got her when she was 16. Everytime I plucked it out and it kept coming back and getting more…

    So I know how you feel!!

  8. tonya

    My hair is very dark, almost black. I began getting grays in my early twenties. At that time, I’d lay my head in my husband’s lap on the couch and he’d pluck away. Then there were too many to pluck so I went to a semi-permanent color. Well before I was 35 I had to graduate to permanent, and now at 39, I see my stylist every six weeks and by then I have a nice little stripe at my part. Left natural, I’d be salt and pepper, mostly salt. I really don’t mind the grays, though. If only the other little indicators of my age were so easy to cover up!

  9. pillarr1

    I have to color my hair now. It is one of those wash out colors but there is no other way. I used to color it in the front where all the grey was but now, it is too much. Pluck it out until you have to start coloring it. Coloring is such a hassle!


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