30 Days of Truth: Day 6

Day 6

Something you never hope to do

I think the answer is obvious.

For almost every single one of us.

I pray that in my life, I will never have to bury a child.

That is the greatest fear when you become a parent.

One of my very dear friends had to do it.

I cannot even begin to fathom what she went through, and what she still must be going through.

My heart aches at what could have been for that beautiful little girl.

I cry as I type this.

I cry for the loss of her life.

I weep for my friend’s pain and despair.

I hurt for the presence that this world has lost.

I think that when we hear a story of a child passing, we automatically imagine ourselves in that situation, and then put it out of our minds as quickly as possible.

No one wants to EVER think about that.

And yet some have to live with it every.single.day.

I pray to G-D that I never have to do that.

What do you hope you never have to do?



4 thoughts on “30 Days of Truth: Day 6

  1. eva

    My daughter was born in January and my entire pregnancy I was terrified of having a loss.. i loved being pregnant but the reality that life is totally out of our hands kicked in. I
    found your site via Heathers and this too is something I hope to never hope to do.. I admire Heather and Mike for the amount of strength they have and truly enjoy reading Heather’s blog.

  2. Michelle

    I hope nothing happens to my living child. I had two losses in early infancy and was scared my entire pregnancy and nicu journey with her. It is not best for me to try again so my biggest fear is to have another loss and be childless.

  3. Rachel

    I am the child of a dysfunctional marriage that ended in an even worse, ridiculous, unhealthy divorce (and by that, I mean that the lawsuits continued for years.)

    My husband is the product of a marriage that, while still going after 40 years, is nothing short of co-dependant. Like Everyone Loves Raymond co-dependant. But he thinks that since they are still married, they have all of the answers.

    I hope and pray that, with the work that we do daily as individuals and as a couple, we have a healthy and happy relationship. For as long as we both shall live. I never want to go through a divorce, nor live through an unhealthy marriage for all eternity..

  4. Kim

    Have to say I agree with you on this. I hope I never have to bury my son. That I great to see him grow up get married have babies, and be successful.


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