Welcome to the Land of the Supersize Value Meal

Today is an exciting day.

Today my husband becomes an American Citizen.

I am so so proud.

I didn’t think that his becoming an American Citizen would be something that would touch me, but turns out that it does.

My husband was born and raised in Israel and only moved to New York for me.

We started dating in Israel, and i was the one hopping back and forth between countries for the first 2 years of our relationship.

I realized that I needed to move back to New York to finish up my degree, and he said he would come with me.

The whole move scared the shit out of him.

He was a boy from a farm.

Yes, a boy who may or may not have traveled the world way more than his American girlfriend had (backpacked though India, Thailand, Europe)… but to actually MOVE to another country scared him.

So I held his hand and we made the move together.

At first we lived in my parents house.

It was nice that they allowed my boyfriend (now husband) to move in with them until we found a place.

It took 8 LOOONG months, but we finally found a place that we could call home.

He didn’t have any friends, didn’t know his way around the city (let alone the state).

When you come to the US from other smaller countries, it’s very hard to grasp the SIZE of the place.

It overwhelmed him.

He felt alone and out of sorts.

But after a while, he finally found his footing and began to thrive.

He started adopting American values as his own.

He fell in love with America.

When we decided that we were going to move to Israel, my husband proclaimed that he wanted to apply for his citizenship.

I questioned him and asked him why it was so important to him.

We knew that he would probably have to fly back and forth from Israel for the citizenship interview and swearing-in ceremony.

This was time and MONEY that we did not have.

But he was adamant.

This was important to him.

Not many things are.

So last month, he hopped on a plane to New York for his interview.

He passed with flying colors.

He memorized the ENTIRE quiz book containing questions about our American history.

Then this past Wednesday, he was on a plane back to New York yet again for his swearing-in ceremony.

I packed away a nice shirt and slacks for him to wear.

He was nervous.


I mean, after all.. his wife and daughters were citizens… he would finally be one of us.

I think that means the world to him.

So today, I am proud to proclaim that my beautiful husband is now  OFFICIALLY a citizen of the United States

Welcome to the land of the Supersize Value Meals- we are so glad to have you!

*Disclaimer: If my husband knew that I was posting this picture of him he would kill me.. but how could I not? It’s so fitting.*


9 thoughts on “Welcome to the Land of the Supersize Value Meal

  1. Maya Hanley

    Congratulations to your husband. He’s a wise man! I wish I had applied for citizenship; after all, I lived there 11 years and then had to move back to Europe and finally lost my right to live in the US and so the chance to be a citizen. What a fool I was. Too late now.


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