Preschool Daze

OK so this was supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday post, but OMG it was the girls FIRST DAY OF PRESCHOOL today… and these pictures….these pictures make my heart smile so I thought I would share…



13 thoughts on “Preschool Daze

  1. Mara

    My daughter starts preschool on the 13th, she is so excited!! Do they love their school? Your girls are lucky that they have a mommy who knows how to do their hair, my mom had NO IDEA what to do with my frizz-tastic hair 😦

    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      ha! i love this comment. My mother DID NOT know what to do with my hair. All of my pre school pics/ elementary school pics are of me with a straight up afro. I will scan. I need to…. all you need is a good brush, some leave in conditioner and tiny ponytail holders… it gets the job done!

  2. Nellie

    Ohh, not only are they just precious and beautiful but they have personalized backpacks! Blessings to you and to your girls on this their new adventures of discovery, learning, joy and laughter!

    I admire you for doing such a big move because you did it with love for your family – the greatest gift you can give. When you feel lost know that there are bloggers, readers, strangers that are pulling for you and supporting you through the ups and downs even if we’ve never met you.

    Hope the girls had a very enjoyable first day at Pre-K!!

  3. Maya Hanley

    Been ages since I commented on your posts as I have also been in transition. I moved to Devon in the UK to live with my new man, who happens to be my second cousin! Funny how life goes. It’s all mad as I am writing a memoir, setting up a training business and trying to renovate an old house we moved into. I can relate to all the stress of change you’re going through and wanted to just say that your posts are wonderful I can totally relate to your twin issues as my twin and I are also fraternal and it caused some big problems later on in life due to people wanting to make us identical. Always comparing us etc. We are like chalk and cheese, as different as any siblings would be but we still have a special connection because we are twins nonetheless. I really want to explore this kind of twinship more as it’s so different to identical twins. Love your writing and I hope you keep it up and that you are all settling in at last. Love, Maya

  4. Patti B.

    The pictures make my heart smile too!! They are gorgeous and so sweet. This picture also takes me back…my twins started HIGH SCHOOL last week. Cherish these days, HS will be here before you know it! 😀


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