New Beginnings

I’ve been feeling a bit discombobulated as of late…

everything is just so different.

Of course, that is to be expected when you move to a different country.

I just have all these crazy conflicting emotions. and it is all starting to bubble to the surface.

I feel like I dont have anything to post about when in fact, I have SO MUCH to.

It’s like I dont know where my starting point is.

So let’s find some direction…


Both of my parents are in Israel as we speak. They leave tomorrow night. My mom has been here for 2 months now, my father for 3 weeks.

The girls and I tagged along with my dad to Tel Aviv and I asked him if he would mind taking me to  the house where he grew up.

I hadn’t been there in years.

My dad grew up in a tiny house with 2 bedrooms.

for 11 people.

2 parents, 9 kids.

And one of those bedrooms was a living room.

It’s crazy to think about that.

My dad’s mother passed a year before I was born from a heart attack, and my grandfather passed when I was 16. He was 90.

My grandfather remarried after my grandmother passed.

She was about 20 years his junior so she took care of him until his final days.

Sarin still lives in the house that my grandfather built. And now she too is 90.

My dad loved showing the girls around his old stomping grounds.

I loved being able to see it as well.

So as I said earlier, my parents have been here for some time.

Today they came to say goodbye to the girls.

It was so hard for the girls, and especially for my parents.




All new beginnings are hard… even for the smallest of people.


11 thoughts on “New Beginnings

    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      my mother was staying by her dad’s house 20 minutes away… that’s why she and i are still alive.

  1. insertwittytitleheremomstired

    I can’t imagine any of this is easy. But how fantastic that your dad was able to show your girls where he grew up!
    Good luck finding your way back to blogging. It’ll get easier, I’m sure.

  2. Mara

    Cute little girlies!! I hope that you feel more settled soon, I am sure it has been a rough road at times. Are your parents contemplating moving to Israel since you are there and a lot of your family is too?

    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      yes, but they are waiting to see if we last here for a few years and waiting for my mom to retire… i think so anyway.

  3. edenland

    Your mum is hot. She has nice boobs. Which means, that when you are her age, you will be hot (ter) …. and also have nice boobs.

    I wonder how long they last til they come back and stay?

    It must be pretty amazing. Sounds so exotic, Maya. I was asking my friend about Israel … he is from there and goes all the time to see his family. He told me a lot about it, I was intrigued. But, it’s such a huge change for you. Even just leaving your job was big – I know how much you loved that job.

    BTW your holiday house in Australia is ready whenever you (and Heather) …. are ready.


    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      Sadly my mother has nicer boobs than me- how horrible is that!? mine sag and are totally a part. very sexy. did you notice that soleil is wearing the shirt you sent her in the pictures?

      come visit us in israel!!!!

      i will totally go to australia.. dont tempt me woman,

  4. Kir

    oh wow, it must have been so nice to have them there, in your new place to make the transition easier and then for them to leave, has to hurt your heart just a little.

    I hope that they come back very soon and stay even longer next time, it’s good to have them around. The picutres made me tear up…all that wonderful family around you.

    BIG HUGS !!!!!!!!!! (and I loved hearing all the stories in this post…where people came from)


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