Just Sit Right Back & You’ll Hear a Tale

I know that I have been MIA lately.

It’s not that I don’t have anything to write, it’s that I have too much to write about and can’t wrap my brain around anything.

I truly don’t have a moment to sit down to write.. we are always on the move.

But I feel that things will be calming down soon enough- the girls are starting summer camp on Thursday and my husband is starting a school summer orientation program this week as well.

But before everyone starts their respective lives in our new country, we took a little holiday.

My father- in- law bought us tickets for a cruise to the mediterranean a few months ago. It was originally supposed to  stop in Turkey, Cyprus and Greece.. but seeing as though Israel and Turkey are not the best of friends as of late, Turkey was taken off of the cruise agenda and we spent more time in Greece.

My mom decided she missed the girls so she hopped on a plane to Israel and will be staying at her dad’s house for 2 months…

She babysat the girls while we ran off like thieves in the night calmly left on our mediterranean cruise for 5 days!

 We had never been on a cruise before, so we were giddy as school children.

Let me tell you one thing, if you ever decide to go on a cruise, don’t go on one that was intended for Yemenite/ israeli patrons because you will NOT be happy.

people were loud, abrasive, pushy…

The buffet was like a damn war zone.

 Oh and our room?

No window.

It was like I was in my own personal hell.

Lets not even discuss the fake grass out on the deck.

I should have known that was what my father- in- law considered a 4 star vacation.

We had a lot of time in between our destinations.

So we played some dominos:

Did a little slow motion running:

You know the usual stuff..

Besides for it being a really shitty boat, with really annoying people… the destinations were BREATH TAKING.

Our first stop was Cyprus.

It was never a place that I ever thought I would travel to, but it was nice.

 Cyprus tidbit: because they have a drought problem, there is only 3 hours per day that the gov turns on the water in the country. In those 3 hours, they fill their tanks and whatever else they need for the following 24 hours.

Cyprus Tibit #2 😛eople don’t have many children, so the population doesn’t ever really grow too much. The government wants people to have more children, so they give them incentives: money, cars etc.

Now you have a fact or two about Cyprus.. you’re welcome.

We went to one of their ports and had a drink:

And then to Aphrodite’s Birthplace

This spot was one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to in my entire life.


The following day we arrived in Greece.


Lindos, the white city

People in Lindos paint their doors or windows blue to resemble the sky.. this way spirits wont enter the house since they will see the blue and think that they are back in t he sky…



I may or may not have been wearing an inappropriately short dress without knowing that I would be riding on a donkey down the hills of Lindos:


this man showed no fear


totally didnt see that woman when i took that picture

only a hobbit could live in this house

We stopped to have a bite to eat.

I was SO EXCITED about eating Greek food in Greece. I mean i LOVE ME some Greek Food. One of my favorite restaurants in NYC is the Greek Kitchen.

Boy was I disappointed.

Apparently, American Greek food is WAY better than Greek food in Greece.

 I mean you wouldn’t think so right?

I ordered a Greek salad and wondered if I sounded like a fool ordering it.. I mean, is it called a Greek salad in Greece?


Food for thought.

Looked way better than it tasted.

Oh and apparently there is no Diet coke in Greece, there is Coca Cola Light:

say what?

All in all it was a nice trip.

 We got to have a few days away alone.

 I totally slept a  lot.

And I am so thankful that I was able to see more countries this year.

Now back to the daily grind.


What place in the world have you been to that literally took your breath away? (mine was Aphrodite’s birthplace in Cyprus)


24 thoughts on “Just Sit Right Back & You’ll Hear a Tale

  1. Christie

    sounds like you had a lovely time! I went on a mediterranean cruise last year, costa one…it was alight. places were beautiful! This year in spain I learned that europe is anti diet coke because of the negative connotation “diets” have. So to p-c correct they call it coca cola light.

  2. Alison

    Okay this isn’t exactly anywhere foreign or exotic , but the most gorgeous place I have ever been is by far Port Alsworth, Alaska. The simplicity of the town, and the mountains towering above Is totally gorgeous!

  3. Mara

    My favorite place is Italy. I think I gained 10 lbs. on that trip; amazing food. The Tuscan countryside wasn’t too shabby either. Quite beautiful, actually. Mostly I was happy about the delicious food…..

  4. Peach

    well at least the destinations were breathtaking. i was in greece about 7 years ago and i didn’t want to leave. the water is amazing.
    two places have literally taken my breath away:
    1. Rome. the forum was so spectacular i couldn’t look away
    2. Oludeniz in Turkey. an amazing, warm blue lagoon only a few feet from the mediterranean.
    and now i want to travel….

  5. Terri

    The pictures were beautiful! Sorry you missed Turkey though, their food is actually quite good and similar to Greek. I’ve noticed my inlaws expectations of comfort (in Turkey) is quite different than what we have grown accustomed to.Not that we are ever truly uncomfortable there, but 4 star here is way different than 4 star back there… in the smaller cities anyway, it would probably be the same in Istanbul or Ankara… My husband always says our cushy American butts have gotten spoiled! lol

  6. Robin from Israel

    Thailand. I like Greece (though I’m with you on the food, it’s boring and not worth the hype, Israeli food is better) but it’s Thailand that captured my soul.

    My photography is available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  7. edenland

    Aaaaaand this is why I love you – ” a really shitty boat, with really annoying people”

    “Only a hobbit could live here.”

    The hobbit comment made me guffaw so loud and hard that I started choking on my spit. True story.

    That Greek salad looked YUMMY – but they packed on the big piece of cheese, huh? If Dave could pick anywhere in the world, he would go to Greece. Unfortunately it is SO expensive to get to from down here.

    The best place I’ve ever been to is NYC in August. I’m writing this from the future.

    When are you coming to Australia?? Oh you and your spunky hubby will loooooove it.


    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      you know that heather and i will be planning that australia trip together with the misters. i will not be bringing kids with me. sorry rugrats! we r totally staying in your guest house. yes, i just invited myself.

  8. Kir

    So glad you got some time away…and you look GREAT.
    the pictures were breathtaking…I’m sure being there was even better.

    Shitty boat or not, a vacation without the kids is a VACATION. GOOD FOR YOU 🙂

  9. Cara

    Wow! Looked like an amazing time..ya know, besides the shitty boat and annoying people. ha! Still, it’s nice to get away from the grind for a minute.
    I’d have to say the most breathtaking place I’ve been (so far!) would be the Caribbean in general…on a cruise we had ports in Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel and with the snow white beaches and turquoise water it was so beautiful and relaxing. I’d go again in a heartbeat.

  10. itsallgood18

    I just went through the terror that is Coca Light in South Africa…started on the plane when they served it with NO ICE. Oh, Israel, how did your habits leave me already?

    The cruise looked amazing, but I feel you on the hobbit thing…also, my #1 in life is that someone I love will fall overboard on a cruise ship, so maybe just Greece would of been enough for me.

    I’m glad you are getting to breathe a little!

  11. A Mama 2 Twins

    vacation? What is that? I would pretty much tear my arm off to go on a real vacation. And that chunk of feta was in a very strange place. pics are beautiful!

  12. Jana

    Southern Iceland-top of a cliff as the sun set over a black beach, with the now erupted glacier on the other side.

  13. Sara

    I don’t know if it took my breath away, but I just spent the most awesome week in Illinois with my mother. Just her and I. We were there on business, but we came early and went everywhere and just messed around. It was the best vacation I’ve ever had even if we did have to work while we were out there. I don’t think that I’ll ever experience anything like that again.

  14. Erica

    Lovely!!! The pics are just stunning … I’ve always wanted to go to Greece!!

    I love Hawaii, Germany and Ireland. And I would like to go to any of those places now instead of being in gross humid NJ.

  15. pillarr1

    Your vacation sounds awesome girl! I have only been away from my daughter for a grand total of 4 days of her life, when we went to Savannah. I need a vacation! My favorite spot was Petra, Jordan. Awesome and breathtaking.

  16. Jennifer

    Beautiful pictures! I have always wanted to go to Cyprus and Greece. Stowe, VT is one of the most beautiful places I have been. I also went to Israel this past march for a wedding and thought this was one of the most amazing places i have every been. I really loved En Geti and the Dead Sea. Are you loving Isreal?

    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      jennifer- i have a love/ hate relationship with israel… so many wonderful things, so many that arent!!


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