Fun Birthday Fact…

Angelina Jolie and I share the same birthday, and we are both mothers to twins… except I am not in a relationship with Brad Pitt… YET.

So it’s my birthday today and I have so much to blog about.

I could go on about the teenagers who live across the street from me who sit on their porch and yell all night.

I could tell you about Soleil vs the Cat

I could tell  you about all about the 70’s kitchen decor in my new kitchen.

I just know I have lots to write about, but my father in law doesn’t believe in investing in  quick internet connection so it takes FOREVER to upload accompanying pictures.

 Anyway, I used to be a big birthday person. Not so much anymore. I don’t care much for gifts.. I’m more about flowers and balloons… oh and CAKE.

There will be LOTS of cake today.

My husband was adorable and let me sleep in this morning. That to me is the best gift. I slept until 11:30am. Which is my house is  like striking oil in your backyard.

I am 29 today, which to me is such an odd number.

I mean, your kind of like not in your 20’s anymore… but you have yet to be 30.

I am off to a family dinner tonight, and will hopefully be able to blog like I intend to.

And BTW since Heather linked to me last week, I have been getting so many new visitors to my little old blog! I am now popular by association.

 So WELCOME to my new readers, I wish I could have you all over for cake. You know, if you can make it to Israel that is.

What has been your favorite birthday?


40 thoughts on “Fun Birthday Fact…

  1. Erin Woods

    I turned 30 last September. Which is crazy because my step-daughter (I rarely call her my step-daughter, she never sees her egg donor, calls me mom and is mine) will be entering high school next year. I suppose I should feel older. Or that turning 30 should have felt different. It doesn’t. It’s no different that 28 or 29. So no fears!! It’s just a number, anyway. Right? Anyway, Happy birthday Maya!! May your day be filled with flowers, balloons and lots of cake!! 🙂

  2. Lindsay

    Israel has been, and always will be, my favorite place in the world. I’d be over for cake in a heartbeat, but I don’t think I’d be able to leave!

    I found you through Heather, and so I figured I’d start commenting. (:

  3. krisy0987

    Yes I am one of your new stalkers refered from Heathers blog lol! I’ve spent the last week (obsessivly) reading your blog, and now Im hooked! Sometimes its seriously like your took the words straight of my head, esp about the posts about being a working mother.

    Anyways back to your question, my fav birthday has to be the one from this year. Im like you and its all about the cake for me! My family surprised me with my favorite cake (Hazelnut cake w/cream cheese frosting!!!) from my favorite bakery. Thats all it takes for me to be a happy girl lol!

    Happy Birthday, hope your cake is extra yummy!

  4. Angie M.

    I am coming out of de-lurking to say Happy Birthday!!!!
    I’m one of your new readers since Heather linked you in her blog last week 🙂
    I read through all of your archives…sure some of my work was not done but I so enjoyed it. I laughed, I cried….and there were times where I wanted to come through my screen and give you a great big hug! You’re girls are absolutely adorable. And I really look forward to reading about your adventures in Israel.

    Cheers & Happy Birthday (again)

  5. Maya Hanley

    Happy Birthday fellow Gemini girl! Sounds like you’re settling in. Dying to hear about all your adventures and hope you get a better internet connection soon. My birthday was last Friday and I had the BEST time going to England to see my beloved aunt for her 80th and meeting up with 65 of my relatives on my mother’s side. Heavenly. Hope you’re having a great time. Love, Maya

  6. Maya Hanley

    Oh and I just found out that my sister and her kids are taking me out to dinner as a surprise tonight! YAY. It’s always something delicious with them. Can’t wait.

  7. Lisa

    Happy Happy Birthday!!! I’m not a big birthday person anymore either. Having someone else do a few of the daily chores and cook dinner for me (and of course provide me with cake) is my idea of a good birthday these days. I hope you have a great day celebrating and I can’t wait to hear all about how things are going in Israel.

  8. Joie

    I turned 29 back in October. Seriously, I have had a hard time with it. I think for me though, it’s the idea that all of my friends are getting married, are married, have kids, are married with kids, or at least have a serious relationship. I am nowhere in any of those categories. I have a screwed up relationship, want kids but no one thinks I am ready except me…at least I own my house. I think that’s the only adult thing I have!

    I am not quite sure how I will do turning 30…I just hope I start feeling more my age group than someone who forgot to get on that bus.

    BTW – I found you from Heather! 🙂

  9. KJ and the kids

    I’ll take Angelina Jolie for my birthday. Then you will be even closer to your goal of marrying Bradly Pitt 🙂
    Glad to hear you made it. Happy Birthday !
    I hope you get the most delicious cake !
    29, twins, living in Isreal. Wow. You’re cool !

  10. Elena

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, all the from Arizona!! Hope your day is full of blessings and many wishes to plenty more birthdays!! Minus the getting older 😉

  11. Bella

    Birthdays are always such a let down these days. When you are a kid they feel so special but as an adult they just don’t live up! Happy 29th!

  12. Erin

    Happy Birthday!!
    Hope you are getting all settled in your new life. And also, hope you are doing ok!! (So sorry on ur last post!)
    How are the girls adjusting to their new home?

  13. Sandra

    Happy Birthday! I’m a new reader thanks to Heather.
    I work for a company in America but we also have a huge office in Israel. I work with many Israeli’s in my department. Everyone around me speaks Hebrew. :/ I have no idea what they’re saying. They’re probably talking about Me.

    Your daughters are adorable. I can’t wait to read more.

    Have an awesome birthday!
    Sandra from California

  14. Ashleigh

    Happy Birthday! I came from Heather’s blog last week, and I am excited about your blog! I, too, am a Gemini, and my favorite birthday was my 29th! It was my golden birthday, May 29, and by far the most memorable. Glad you made it to Israel, and hoping you will settle in quickly!

  15. Agni

    Happy Birthday! And happy new life in Israel 🙂

    I turned 30 last year and it felt good, like a nice even number. But I didn’t see it as much of a milestone, I didn’t feel nostalgic, and, to be honest, I didn’t really think about it much. I was getting married 2 weeks later, so I was too excited to ponder the passage of time 😉

    Speaking of birthdays, our wedding day was my husband’s birthday (my idea, and I’m proud of it ;)). His birthday cake was brought in right after we cut the wedding cake. It was a beautiful day, and the date is twice as special to me now, since it’s the day he was born and the day he became mine. I’ve had my share of exciting birthdays myself, including my 18th in California (my first time ever in the USA), but if I were to pick my favourite birthday, it would be my husband’s last one, though technically it wasn’t mine 😉

  16. wa

    Happy Birthday!

    My best birthday was age 20- all my friends threw me a surprise party. Best night ever.

  17. StacieT

    Happy Birthday, Maya! I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with all the flowers, balloons, and cake you can stand! Much love to you!

  18. Tina

    Also de-lurking, also from Heather’s blog, also loving yours. :o)

    My most-dreaded birthday was my 25th–OH, the wailing & gnashing of teeth! I felt so…under-accomplished for what I considered to be a milestone birthday. A quarter of a century, & I felt I had NOTHING to show for it. The DRAMA. (Looking back on it now? Cue the eye-rolling.)

    My 26th birthday was far worse, as it fell on 9/11/01, but from that day forward, not having a “perfect” birthday seemed pretty trivial. I also decided that I really had been wasting my life in a job I despised & a city I hated, so I quit the job, moved to a city I liked more & got into nursing school. Every birthday since then has been significantly better!

  19. edenland

    I started reading a few sentences of this post and started crying. I’ve been thinking of you so so much, hoping that things are ok over there for you, hoping to Heaven that you’re not standing in your kitchen with mountains of boxes freaking out.

    It’s such a relief to hear how you are. I’m so proud of you sweetheart. Can’t wait to hear about your Green-Acre moments. What are the shops like? Do the girls like it? How about the landscape, is it green or dry? You should totally do a Q&A for ignorant people like me.

    Oh, and btw ….. I found Heather through you, years ago 😉


  20. pamela

    Oh I agree with the Q&A! That would be fun! I want to see tons of pictures! Please! I’ve always wanted to visit. Save me some cake. Ill get there..

  21. Linda Campbell

    I am a new reader from Heather! And TODAY is my birthday, another Gemini Girl!! Hope your cake was good, mine is in the fridge looking very yummy and waiting for me to eat it later!

    Hope you had a good day yesterday! Happy Birthday!

  22. Aleksandra


    Yes, I am here from Heather blog. I love, love, love her blog and now I am also in love with your page:) Good work!

    29 is no to bad time (happy bday!) – I am now 35 and still before big decision about having children. I have some health problems, so it is not easy one.

    And my best friend’s husband is from Israel. Great guy:)

  23. Gail

    Happy Birthday GG!!
    I can’t even tell you what my favorite b-day was, (usually lots of alcochol is involved) but on my 30th, I attended a funeral. Hope yours is tons better!

  24. Sarah

    Last year, when I turned 28. I had my daughter in the spring of 08 and had struggled with postpartum depression all summer. So when I turned 28 last year and was a happy, glad-to-be-a-mother person, it was wonderful.

    I was 28. And I was no longer afraid of who I was or what I was doing or if being a mother had been the right choice for me. I was just happy.

    Happy Birthday! I am glad Heather linked you… as I am one of your new readers. 🙂

  25. Kim

    Happy belated Birthday!! I am 29 as well and will be 30 in October and I agree I feel “lost” somewhere in between my 20’s and 30’s. I have never been to Israel but would LOVE to go there in the future.

    BTW found you thru Heather and LOVE LOVE both of you!!

  26. Gwen

    I always feel like a stalker in the ways that I click around the blog-o-sphere and find people. There is no use hiding it since you know where your sudden reader boom has come from, and since you brought it up first, yes, yes I did find your blog through Heather. 😛
    Happy Birthday from another fellow gemini. June 19th is mine.

  27. Marsha

    I admit I also found you through Heather whom I found through Matt….Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! I plan to become a loyal reader as well.

  28. JEJYAA

    Yom Huledet Sameach! (belated)

    I too am not into birthdays for me…but for the kids – cakes are too fun.
    We are coming Aug 17th – but I won’t keep you to the offer.

  29. Kir


    I love my birthday, even at 40!!! I love my day, in fact I celebrate the whole month of February!!! I love presents, the attention, the CAKE…..hmmmm, the CAKE. 🙂

    hope you are having a fabulous JUNE and have a spectacular BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!


  30. Sara

    Um, yeah, found you through Heather too. I rarely comment on Heather’s just because she has so many comments and sometimes I just can’t (I’ve buried a child). I had a 29 weeker and I read a lot about her and I’ve gone through your archives just reading. You are awesome.


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