I Scare Semi- Celebrities

I have had quite the past couple of weeks.


We are ALMOST done packing, which is good considering the shippers are coming tomorrow to pick up our boxes and furniture. I CHOSE not to be home for the chaos of that. I told my husband that I HAD to work. Tomorrow also happens to be my last day at work.

Speaking of work, man am I going to miss my co workers.

I have been lucky enough to work for the most AMAZING company for the past  4 years. The people who I have encountered have been nothing but wonderful (with the sometimes exception of my current boss).

Last night, I went out with a  bang.

My company had a HUGE party.


Me & a Golden Owl (this is how we roll at work)

Everyone was sloshed out their minds, besides me of course. No I didn’t drink. I HAVE SO MUCH PAKCING TO DO TONIGHT I thought it would be best if I was NOT hung over.

I even got to meet Seth Gr.een last night. He is short. As short as you would expect.

This was my conversation with him:

Me: I am a huge Family Guy fan.

Him: Oh really? (faking interest)

Me: Yeah, I was even one of the people who wrote into Fox when Family Guy was cancelled a few years ago and demanded it back on the air.

You’re Welcome.

Him: (Laughing) well thank you!

I should have stopped here, but I didn’t

Me: I even have the Family Guy Game App on my iphone

Him: What’s that?

Me: (Takes out my phone to show him) It’s a Family Guy Arcade game. Someone owes you royalties I guess!

Him: Nah, I don’t own the right to Family Guy, they can do what they want.

Me: It must be so fun to have your job!

Him: Yes, it’s my favorite job that I have (he has many)

Me: It must be great to work with Seth McFarlen!

Him: *crickets*

Then I congratulated him on his marriage, he asked me my name and we went our separate ways. He seemed to be on some sort of muscle relaxer (correction: I was just told it was weed).



As the days wind down to our departure,  I am getting nervous.

This was always the ultimate plan, but it happened so quickly. We decided in Feb and here we are 3.5 months later..(almost)all packed and ready to go.

 These next few days in New York should be amazing. A friend is coming to visit me before I leave. And I need just that… to have fun and be surrounded by people who I love.

It’s been hard to say goodbye to people.



12 thoughts on “I Scare Semi- Celebrities

  1. Romi

    This post was both hilarious and bittersweet!

    I LOVE how you make semi-celebrities feel awkward, I know I would do that too 😉 —also, in the pic of you with the owl, I literally thought we looked like twins separated at birth…there is totally a similarity there!

    And on that note, I am so, so sad you are leaving…I mean we never met, but it always seemed possible to meet you when you were in New York…I shall keep in touch with you whilst you are in Israel, and I’m sure you will love that experience just as much as you will miss this place! 😉



    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      I def see some sort of similarity between the both of us! Though, you would be the prettier, thinner sister!

  2. KJ and the kids

    That’s hilarious 🙂 I think he has just heard it so many times….I think he was probably EXTREMELY attracted to you…thus his short answers and blank stares.

    Your work party threw you a going away party ? That’s awesome. I would miss them too.

    Hey, I haven’t asked….what does your mom/family here think about your move ? Are they so sad to miss the girls etc ?
    Just wondering.

    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      No, there was a big work event happening on that day anyway! No way would that happen just for me!

      My parents arent really talking about the move, just logistics… it’s weird! I know my parents will be heartbroken.. not about me leaving.. about the girls!

  3. edenland

    Oh wow – as I said, GG …. you got balls. I kind of can’t believe you are actually going, it must seem so surreal. I predict much more posting here from you in the near future, as you freak the f*ck out, navigating your new life in such a different world. Remember all your really cool, hot friends are here in the computer, able to talk you down from any ledge.

    You and your hubbie are making the best decision. And your baby girls (yes they are still babies) ….. their Spirits will just soar in the beautiful scenery, spaces, and happy families over there.

    I was randomly thinking of you in my pump class this morning …. calculating and wondering how old your girls are going to be when you have your next baby. And I have to tell you – being the younger sibling of twins is SO HARD. (My sisters are 2 years 10 months older than me – way too short a gap).

    So the longer you leave the gap inbetween, the better. I promise you.

    Love you mate, LOVE. XOXOXOX


    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      I am sure that even though it was hard for you when you were younger, it’s amazing now that there is such a short age gap btwn you and your sisters!

      Oh, and I will be posting from israel a lot!! I think my life will be WAY LESS glamorous from now on (living on a farm and all.. the only celeb I will be hanging out with will be the town’s goat) but WAY MORE DRAMA.

      I promise you, one day I will be knocking on your door with my husband in tow. And we’re picky eaters so good luck.

  4. A Mama 2 Twins

    I don’t know how you did it. The mere thought of packing up our life a moving so far away is just something I can’t wrap my brain around. You are so brave.

    Seth Green and weed….really? Never would have guessed it.

    That was awesome about the party….but despite having packing to do, I still would have tipped a few back…..but that is me……

    Please please please….keep blogging…..no matter what!

  5. Kir

    but the *WONDERFUL* internet means you’ll never , never, ever, be far away from us 🙂

    I love your story about Seth…I am reading Jen Lancaster books and you remind me of her A LOT…making you should get to Israel and write books…that I can read and laugh with/at !!!!!
    You make me giggle (in a GOOD way)

    have a good weekend, beautiful girl!!!! I can’t believe it’s time for movers already *sigh*

    enjoy your last few days and say a good “GOODBYE” to your city. New adventures here you come. HAPPY FRIDAY

    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      Kir you are so sweet! I will check our that author, wonder if we have the same zany personality.

      My husband said to me the other day that my family is INSANE and was so surprised how normal I am compared to them. I looked at him and said “Years of therapy my friend… years of therapy”

      And yes, I will ALWAYS post.. you know, for sanity sake!

  6. Patti B.

    Wow – its really happening! Good for you. I look forward to hearing how you are all adjusting and enjoying your new life, updated pictures of the girlies and GG-Israel Version.

    Take care and enjoy! 🙂

  7. Mama Kat

    Stopping by from Heather’s today! She’s sharing a story about your friendship and I’m so glad you two found each other. I love hearing about how blog friends become real life friends!! Israel sounds like a HUGE move! Best of luck with that. 🙂

    I can’t believe Seth didn’t invite you to join him at a VIP lounge of some sort. Boy did he miss the boat on that!!

  8. Katherine

    I just came to your blog form The Spohrs Are Multiplying tonight, first let me say the girls are beatiful and Mazel Tov on the move. I odvisally have not read the whole blog, but I have gotten thru this year when you made the decision to make aliyah. At some point when you have a chance (not till after the move you have enough on your plate right now) I would be intrested in hearing what concerns you had prior, what ultimatly lead to the decision (although it sounds like family and money was a big factor) and how it is going. I also would be intrested in hearing about the challanges. I am asking because I too am very seriously thinking about making aliyah, but unlike you I would be leaving my entire family in NYC and going by myself. It’s not the by myself part I worry about so much but the family part. At somepoint I will go more into my reasons for wanting to go if we end up corrosponding via email, but I have hijacked your blog enough for one night. Good Luck and again Mazel Tov!!!


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