Comedy of Errors

OK, you know what’s worse than having to pack your entire life up and move 6,000 miles away to another country in 6 weeks?

Having to do it yourself… because your husband broke his HAND and has to have hand surgery.

Yes, this is my life.

Literally I have to laugh, because if I don’t…


He slammed the car door on his hand about 2 weeks ago, and in typical male fashion refused to go to the doctor.

“I’ll go to the pharmacy and buy an Ace Bandage” was his theory.


Because apparently it healed wrong and he now needs to have pins put in his hand.

Surgery scheduled for tomorrow and he can’t  use his right hand for 6 weeks.

Perfect timing, eh?

I really have no words.

I love him and feel freaking horrible he has to go through this, but DUDE you should have went to the hospital that day. Maybe you wouldn’t have needed surgery.

 This whole move is starting to become a comedy of errors.

Stay tuned folks!


8 thoughts on “Comedy of Errors

  1. pillarr1

    6 weeks!! I didn’t know it was so soon! Good luck with the move. And to have to do it yourself – priceless. When my husband broke his little toe, he was helpless for weeks. He couldn’t even feed the dog……… What does your toe have to do with feeding the dog I asked. No reply. It will all work out for you guys. I know you are excited!

  2. Amanda/babya

    O no!! My bff’s boyfriend sliced his hand open and needed surgery… a week after she majorly twisted her ankle… and just a few days after they got a brand new, 8 wk old puppy…
    Good luck!!

  3. itsallgood18

    That is so something that would happen to me! I am so sorry! Hope B. feels better soon. I would love to fly out and help you…(so that I could *accidentally* pack myself in your bags. It’s not like El-Al would find me, right????)


  4. Romi

    That is such a guy thing, and I’m sorry he’s going through that, but more sorry that you are now resident moving man!!! Argh…my advice: each weekend ’till you move, invite friends to help and supply beer and pizza (it can come out of hubby’s allowance 😉 )

  5. Kir

    Holy good GAWD! I am so sorry that had to happen now. If I could come and help I would. I swear.

    Hope you can get this done…and I agree with Romi, plying some friends with pizza and beer sounds like a good thing.

    I hope his surgery goes well…OYE is right!


  6. Noelle

    I just found your blog from Heather Spohr’s. Just so you know you’re not alone…my husband broke his thumb (okay, almost severed it but it was successfully reattached) in Israel, just six weeks before we were packing up to make a 6,000 mile international move. On top of it I was 7 months pregnant. Fortunately we had help from movers but I totally get your stress level. Here’s the thing, though. Most of that stuff? It’s just stuff. Take the precious things and in a little while you honestly won’t even remember the rest of it.

    I can’t wait to follow along on your journey. Good luck with your move!


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