ETSY WTH? of the Day

Ever get dressed in the morning and say to yourself, “Hmm.. this jacket is missing something. I think I’m going to add this My Little Pony Ass to my lapel?”

 Yeah, me neither.

But apparently, it HAS happened to someone else. And she received so many compliments that she decided to start making and SELLING them online.


Author’s Description

“My Little Pony is celebrating its 25th anniversary…I’m not one to miss out on an occasion so I made this sensational brooch to celebrate.

Buy the original on Etsy, accept no flimsy imitations!

I have been wearing one on my lapel for quite a few weeks now and it has caused such a stir of excitement that I thought I better list it on Etsy quick smart!

So here is a cute little mint colored pony’s butt with a long brooch clip attachment and special pony polymer filling.

Her tail is in need of some styling, please feel free to express yourself…I think a plait looks good, butt (wondering if she misspelled this on purpose?) hey, you decide!

2 1/2″ (6cm) high
1 1/2″ (3.5cm) wide

I have her head made into a brooch also, so please convo me if you would like the front end….”


That is all.


6 thoughts on “ETSY WTH? of the Day

  1. grumpy

    Hey – you could buy the head and pin it to the front of your jacket and then pin the butt to the back – it’d be awesome 🙂 lol


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