Do they make Kosher for Passover Deep- Fried Oreos?

I am pooped folks. Pooped.

I get to play role of single mommy on Saturday’s. My husband works so I have to wrangle the kiddos all by myself. Which would be ok, if I had a backyard, or the weather was nice. Or we could go anywhere but stay in.

I literally had diaper explosions. I think both my kids caught some kind of bug.

It didn’t help that I left them in the living room for a few minutes to go to the restroom, and came back to see this:

You leave a toddler alone for just one second

crayon, on wall.

I wasnt completely upset, as we will be leaving this apartment soon enough. I hope they got it all out of their systems as there is no way they can do this in my father-in-laws house.


We took the girls to the circus yesterday. It was their first time. I kept telling them about the circus and everything we were going to see there. It’s so surprising when you repeat something over and over again, just how much your toddlers absorb. They already knew everything that we were going to see by showtime!

They were excited to see the elephants, and motorcycles. My husband is a big motorcycle fanatic (his brother is the same way) so he has been pointing out motorcycles to them since they were a month old. Now every time they see one, they point and get excited. His face lights up when they bring one to his attention.

Of course naturally, I got the kids dressed, ready and in the car by 9:15am for an 11am show… only to realize right before we started the car that the tickets I actually bought were for 3:15pm! Do you know the chaos it takes to get 2 toddlers fed, dressed and in the car? And to have to do it TWICE??!!


The extra few hours gave me a chance to do some Passover cleaning. I am not one of those passover cleaning fanatics. I do what I can. I put away the non- kosher items in a cupboard that I scotch tape closed. We don’t eat anything non kosher for passover in our house- but my husband doesn’t keep the holiday at all (meaning he will eat bread, pasta etc) outside of the house. I am glad we have a middle ground somewhere. I know I can’t change him and he can’t change me.. but we respect one another and that is the most important. To learn more about Passover I am sending you over to Metalia who explains this holiday best!


I started my progesterone shots yesterday. These needles are bad ass:


So I am feeling HORRIBLE today.. I decided to call Dr. Google to see what he had to say about progesterone shots and their side effects:

    Bloating; breast tenderness; diarrhea; dizziness; drowsiness; dry mouth; fluid retention; headache; heartburn; irritability; muscle pain; nausea; stomach pain or cramping; tiredness; vomiting


I am feeling just about all of those symptoms. I am achy and tired and bloated and all I want is a deep-fried Oreo which I cant have since it’s Passover now (and I have never actually had one.. where would I acquire one?)

The needles are HUGE and the shots are painful.

And why does my husband seem so happy to administer them?

If this transfer does work, I would need to continue the progesterone injections for a few more weeks. The last time I did this, I had suppositories (which they don’t use anymore!) so I don’t remember feeling all of these symptoms.

Transfer is this week.



7 thoughts on “Do they make Kosher for Passover Deep- Fried Oreos?

  1. Nonnie

    We took LG to the circus a few weeks ago. It was also Barnum & Bailey, but it looks like we saw a different show than you…the one we saw was called Illucinations…I think.

    Those shots are the pits. I had to take them throughout my first trimester with both pregnancies. I’m glad to hear they don’t use those suppositories anymore. Sometimes the body doesn’t absorb progesterone that way, and the levels can get really low if you don’t watch it…it’s most likely how I lost LG’s twin.

  2. KJ and the Kids

    SO excited for you ! Seriously excited.

    I have one word for you. no. 4. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. That thing is freaky. It takes permanant marker off of wood.

    Those motorcycles are freaking unreal right. The best part of the circus for me.

  3. Vixen

    I love the motorcycles in the ball, one of my fave thing at the circus. Best wishes on the transfer this week. Maybe you could inject some water into hubs so he enjoys your injections just a little less?

  4. Caba

    Ah man, wish you had tickets at 11am! We were there … we might have randomly run into you! The circus was a fun time … mine loved it!

    Good luck with the shots! I hated them … but keep chanting to yourself “a means to an end!”

  5. Kir

    I agree, the Magic Erasers are freaky good…I don’t know what’s in them , but they are just as magical as duct tape!

    for the shots, do you heat the oil first? I used to put a heating pad on my butt (where I was getting the shot) and I’d put the whole bottle of oil back there between me and the pad. I’d sit like that for about 4 minutes or so, then when John pulled th oil it was eaiser because it was warm and it didn’t hurt as much going into my heated bum. The Prog just stinks….but I know you know that. *hug*

    the circus sounded fun, glad everyone had a good time…even if it was a LOT of work.
    You’re a great mom.

    deep fried Oreos …hmmmm….maybe a bakeshop? Happy passover.

  6. Molly

    Hey, I came here from Heather Spohr’s blog! Just glancing at your blog you seem like an awesome lady. I saw this post and thought you should check out this site if you haven’t seen it: Love it and you might!

  7. Melissa

    This is super late but you can definitely find deep-fried Oreos (and pretty much anything else you want/don’t want deep-fried) at the Minnesota State Fair!!! We’d welcome you with open arms!!!!!! =)


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