No Love for the Jew Fro

I have a few “Claim to Fames

1. I was on a PBS special about kindergarten classes when I was 4. A camera crew dropped by my class and told us to act “Natural”- totally a HUGE feat for a very dramatic little girl.

2. When I lived in Israel at 16, they had a camera crew come to an event in school where they teach teens about safe sex. Of course, I was in the shots where they showed how to correctly put a condom on a banana. My mom got a call from her cousin that night and said to my mom “Did you know your daughter was on TV, with CONDOMS!”

 3. At 17,I was stopped by a Spanish news station while walking the streets of Manhattan. I was asked to talk about “The Mask of Zorro” starring Antonio Banderas. Which I did… even though I hadn’t seen the film

4. I was an extra on Mad ABout You at the age of 18. If you blink, you would miss me. Totally got paid $50 a day. I was rolling in it.

5. At age 22, my sorority sister was cast in a reality make over show on MTV. It was called “From Wack to Mack”..

yes. yes it was.

They made her over (which FYI she didn’t need it, since she was beautiful. she only made herself look like she needed a makeover to get on the show) and then they came to our sorority house to  get her ‘sisters’ reactions. Of course, since I am loud, I was filmed the most.  I wish there was evidence of this somewhere.

6. And now I leave you with this…

A makeover show for Busy Moms…

Last month I was asked if I would be interested in having a quick make over done (just make up) and have it filmed. You know, for busy moms such as myself. Never one to pass up a good time (and free make up squeal!) I decided to go for it.

The experience was quick and fun. You can buy Pixie make up from Target.. which btw the bronzer is AMAZING. They tried to do my hair, but didn’t have the time (story of my life). The only thing I was unhappy about was that they edited out when I referred to my hair as a  “Jew-Fro”…

I hate seeing myself on camera, I REALLY REALLY DO (esp when it’s from an angle that you aren’t used to seeing. Oy)

and I was totally contemplating NOT posting it. But I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t. We have to accept ourselves from EVERY ANGLE.

 So… here you go. Please don’t judge me and my zealous use of the word  “absolutely”



9 thoughts on “No Love for the Jew Fro

  1. Maya Hanley

    That’s so cool! Nice to see you on camera and not sure what angle you meant, maybe the one where the camera is right above your nose ( like that’s an angle than any normal person would look at you from!) and you looked great in all of them. By the way, you spelled ‘angle’ as ‘angel’ which I thought was very appropriate :). You look gorgeous. How on earth to you get your very curly hair SO SO straight? Irons? I also have very curly hair but, since I hit the menopause years and I lost a lot of the thickness, I can now straighten it with a combination brush/dryer so it’s not so flat but has some bounce and fullness while losing the frizz. It’s the only blessing of being menopausal!!


  2. pillarr1

    You look great! I don’t know why you are so hard on yourself because you have a natural beauty no matter the angle. I love the fresh look and the ease of application. I need to try something new. Great idea to do the makeover. Things like that make us all feel better.

  3. KJ and the Kids

    I am with you, I would have liked to have seen your hair done.
    How awesome that you were able to participate. I would love for someone to take me, make me over and then show me what clothes will cover up my body 🙂

  4. Nearlydawn

    That was great to watch! I have to say, I thought you already looked Fab so I wasn’t sure their makeup really added anything. You look great when you do your own makeup. 🙂


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