When Irish Eyes are.. SUPER HOT


Seeing as though today is St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I may as well blog about my experience in IRELAND last month.   

That’s right, last month we took a little trip to Ireland.   

My first trip to Europe!   

I booked the package back in June of last year, for a DIRT CHEAP price (go here!). You have to go during the off season, and pay months in advance to book the price that we did.   

Months ago I told my aunt Shuli about my trip and she said she was going to join us. A while later she backed out because of an impending shotgun wedding (pg niece)- but decided to come anyway. Shuli along with my other aunt Effie (both are my mother’s sisters), made their way from Israel to Ireland.   

Day #1   

We all got into Dublin on a Friday morning at separate times, and off we went!   

We rented a car, which of course was the only way to see the countryside but seeing as though my husband had never driven on the left side of the road, it was quite the adventure.. you know, hoping not to die.   

He makes it look so easy

My cousin Shirley lives in Ireland. Shirley was born and raised in Israel, but while working in Ireland 2  summers ago, met Sean in a pub. One thing led to another, and now they live together in Ireland.   

I wonder if meeting in a pub is the way most Irish folk find their potential mates?   

Sean & Shirley invited us over to their apt for dinner. I think Shirley was so nervous that she was actually having family over (since this was the first time) that she ended up burning her dinner.   

She ordered Chinese food instead.   

Let me just say this… Irish Chinese Food… umm….well….   

Moving on.   

My Aunts who were originally supposed to stay by Shirley, decided against it  last-minute(as she lived 30 minutes from Dublin and it would be a little out-of-the-way) so they hauled their suitcases to our hotel room. We were so worried that we were going to get caught by the hotel staff. It was like mission impossible.We had two beds so it was ok. The bed they slept on was a tiny twin bed. It was HYSTERICAL to watch them try and sleep on that thing!   



Day #2   

The following day we decided to make the  4 hour trek to the Cliffs of Moher. The views on the way there were BREATHTAKING.   



We stopped every so often to take pictures   


The best part about not going on a guided tour was being able to stop off in little towns and villages that are out-of-the-way. In my opinion, that’s where the real treasures are:   


Once we arrived at the Cliffs…. I had no words.   



It was a looong drive from the cliffs to Dublin, so my husband was pretty pooped by the time we got to the hotel (4 hours each way). We all had some dinner at the hotel restaurant .. which was surprisingly good (more on Irish food later).   


Day #3   

 We made our way to a city named Athlon.  The river Shannon runs through it, but since it was off- season, we couldn’t charter a boat. It was sad, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves.   


We had a nice time after we realized that the shops opened at 12pm.   

We met Shirley and Sean and had coffee with them.   

Shirley, Me, My aunt Effie

Hubby & Sean

That night, we all  went out to Temple Bar.   

Temple Bar is an area in Dublin where all the pubs are located. There are MANY MANY pubs.   

A lot.   

A plethora.   

Did I mention a lot?   

anyway, we actually met up at a bar named “Temple Bar” in the area of “Temple Bar” …creepy…   

Temple Bar

Sean was hysterical. He decided to purchase green hats for all of us to wear to the bar. How could I refuse?   

The Dream Team



of course, I drink a bud light. In ireland.


We then continued to bar hop throughout the night…    



Irish Dancing

The band

We spent a few hours at the lovely Temple Bar and then went back home.. you know, after being verbally attacked by a Gypsy because we wouldn’t gve her any money.   


Day #4   

We decided to hop on a Dublin tour bus and do the tourist thing.   




First stop: We took one for the team (my aunt was dying to go) and went to the writers museum in Dublin.. which smelt of mold and potpourri.. wish I were joking.   



Oh, and I am pretty sure it was haunted.   


Next Stop: the Jameson Factory.. because how could you not?   


Did a little gift shopping there, before heading to Trinity College:   


This building totally reminded me of the building in Back to the Future

We then grabbed a quick lunch (which was surprisingly good)!   


Fave Pic I took of my Aunt


And went to the Dublin Castle.. which wasn’t exactly what you would imagine a castle looking like (apparently the orginal burnt down in the 18th century)- but it was still quite the experience:   


Fell in love with this light fixture

FYI our Tour Guide was a second rate Mr. Bean




Things you should know about Ireland/ the Irish (if you decide to go):   

1) Black Crows Everywhere!   

 which is VERY unsettling. They have NO FEAR of G-D at all. They wait right in your face for some food. They. Will. Not. Move.   


2) The Irish are SO NICE.   

I am a New Yorker, and therefore not used to this. I was waiting for a hidden agenda… and there WAS NONE! (shocking I know!)   

3) Irish men… OMG.   

They are just BEAUTIFUL.   

I truly had no words. My first boyfriend was half Irish/ half Italian. He was beautiful and tall. The men in Ireland make my ex look like a lemur.   

I felt so badly checking out other men in front of my husband, but hey.. I’m not dead yet, am I?   


My husband kept tellling me that  guys were checking me out there too. Not surprising, since I dont “look” like everyone else there (you know, middle eastern).. I warned him that if he ever cheats on me or divorces me, I am buying a one way plane ticket to Ireland.   

Where I would be appreciated.   

Afro and all.   

4) Why so many roundabouts?   

OMG. I think the word round-about will haunt me in my dreams for the next few months. There were THOUSANDS of them on the road. Luckily for us, we were smart enough to get a car with a GPS. But hearing the GPS say roundabout every 2 minutes, almost made our heads explode.   


5) Malls close at 6:30pm!??   


No joke. We wanted to do a wee bit of shopping – to have the full mall experience in Ireland.   

No dice.   

Once the sun goes down, the malls close!   

My theory was that they close the stores so that everyone will be able to get to the pubs. This isn’t me making assumptions, this is me making an assumption along with my cousin’s Irish boyfriend.   

6) Irish Food…   

OK, I dont want to badmouth ALL Irish food… just the meals that I had the “pleasure” to eat. or to order. Not eat. I had to send food back. CONSTANTLY (and because the Irish are so nice, I am sure they didnt spit in my food. Well, at least I hope not)   

I did have a surprisingly good meal once or twice… but for the most part.. i lost 3lbs in 4 days! Thanks Ireland!   


All in all, I had an AMAZING trip. The fact that I got to spend a few days with my husband (sans kids) and my favorite aunts was so great.   

I looked like this by the end of the trip:   


I would totally recommend Ireland to anyone.   

Oh… and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!   

Don't ye dare steal me pot of gold!


8 thoughts on “When Irish Eyes are.. SUPER HOT

  1. Maya Hanley

    Great photos! I did try to warn you about the food. LOL. Oh, and you were literally across the street from my apartment when you visited the Jameson Factory. Looks like you had a blast and lovely to see you all having fun. Next time you come back let me tell where to eat as it is a hit and miss thing in Ireland, for sure. Glad you all had a blast!

  2. Erin

    I’m so glad you had a good time! I told you that you would! I agree, the people in Ireland are so nice, that we were like WTH?? (NJ/NY mentality…LOL)
    We got there at 2:30 in the morning -(our time) – and we picked up our rental car. And we were laughing if my husband was going to be able to handle driving on the wrong side of the road without any sleep.
    You can see the path in your picture of the Cliffs of Moher – we walked up there. (Before they put up the fences. I was having a heart attack!)
    And I agree about the guys in Ireland….even if they’re not that hot…just to hear them speak…ahhhhh….
    So glad your trip went well and you had a nice time with your hubby!
    P.S. When we were there I drank Heineken…LOL

  3. Gail

    First, so glad you went to the Cliffs of Insanity!! My mom and sister are planning on going this fall…I’m so jealous. And I would literally drink Bud Light if I was there too. Glad you had a great time!

  4. poobou

    Heh. When we went to England & Scotland for Christmas to visit my husband’s family, we also died laughing at how often the GPS lady had to say “roundabout.” They are *everywhere*. I’m glad he had to drive the whole time & not me. (I can’t drive a stick, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to learn left-handed!)

    Sorry you didn’t like the food. I looooved the food in England. Granted, a good chunk of our meals were made by my mother-in-law, who is an amazing chef. So there’s that. But I definitely *gained* weight in the UK, not the other way around!

  5. Robin from Israel

    How fun (well except for the Writers Museum, making a mental note to skip that one). What a great little getaway for you all. Too funny about the single bed.

    We’ll be in Dublin in two weeks, so if Maya Hanley wants to pass some restaurant or other recommendations my way I’m all ears :).

  6. Nonnie

    -If I went to Ireland, I’d probably still order a Bud Lite too. My friends order the fancy beers, and there’s me with my Bud Lite every single time.

    -You look a lot like your Aunt Effie!

    – Irish men are hot? Really? Aren’t there thousands of Irish men in NYC?? You could have had your pick!

    -If you think the Irish are nice, you should come visit us in the South! We’re nice too!! Seriously…visit!

  7. Julie

    Happy Paddy’s Day!!! Great to hear you had a fantastic time over here (apart from the food!!), am with you on the Irish guys… Am married to one, just as beautiful on the inside as the outside….and the roundabouts, we even have ones with traffic lights on them… To be sure to be sure!!

  8. Kir

    um, where are the pics of all the HOT Irish Guys…since you are “not dead yet” and um, neither are we!!!!!! LOL

    some of those pictures were truly breathtaking, so glad you had such a good trip and shared it with us.


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