Me and My Thumb

When I was a baby, I found comfort in my right thumb.

My mother would try and place a pacifier in my mouth, but I would spit it out and find solace in my prune-like finger.

I remember that there was nothing in the world that could make it all better… like my thumb.

When I turned 7, and my two front teeth feel out- I was told that if I kept sucking my thumb, my permanent teeth would grow in crooked.

So I stopped.

I dont know why it was so easy for me to stop, it was just the right time I guess.

Sadly for me, it was already too late. By the time you are 3, the bridge of your mouth is already effected by thumb-sucking.

I had a gap between my two front teeth that would put David Letterman to shame.



So you could imagine my surprise when Soleil was a baby and found her own solace in her thumb.

Her left thumb.

I find it fascinating that not only does she look SO much like I did as a child, she also sucks her thumb just like I did.

I know that it’s not going to be great for her teeth in the future… but I also know that there is nothing that will come between a girl and her thumb.


Now…. Neve needing to place her blankie in her mouth in order to sleep?

… no idea where that came from!!


10 thoughts on “Me and My Thumb

  1. Melissa Plassman

    I’ve been a blog stalker for a while. Your posts are so honest and amusing and so similar to my life. I have three kids. All were preemies. I was on hospital bedrest with Noah (from 24 -28 weeks, he was born at 28 weeks). Home bedrest with the girls, they were born at 32 weeks. Noah is now 6 and is a product of IUI, Alexis and Olivia are now 3 and they are a product of IVF. They are my miracles and I am thankful for them every day, no matter how crazy they make me. I can’t even recall how I stumbled into your blog, but I return to it every so often. Anyway, I just had to comment on these pictures. I just love them and my girls are EXACTLY the same. Alexis is a thumb sucker, but it’s her right thumb. And Olivia, she sucks her blankie (which we have named stinkie)…it used to have a head and arms, but it was washed so many times because she sucked on the arms, it lost it’s head, but that doesn’t stop her from shoving it into her mouth every night! =) Anyway, I just couldn’t help it…I had to comment! Your girls are beautiful!

  2. Kir

    OOH, I am 40..and I still suck my thumb. In fact when asked what helps most with my migraines, I have been known to tell dr’s..motrin and sucking my thumb. To their dismay.
    Everyone thought that finally having children would stop me…but alas, it has not. It’s cheaper than cigarettes LOL.
    My kiddos love their nuks and I am in no hurry for them to put them down (everyone else is) but I know the comfort that they got from them in the NICU and beyond, I also know that if they are going to stop they will…

    i love the pics of the girls, gosh they are just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  3. KJ and the Kids

    I was a thumb sucker too. I don’t know when I stopped but I was 7’ish I believe.
    I think it’s sweet that she sucks her thumb like her mommy 🙂 I have to say….binky’s are just as hard to get away from them as thumbs are. No worries.

    Doesn’t your mom have a gap in her teeth ? I think it’s just a hereditary thing.

  4. Nonnie

    My little A sucks her thumb. She refused the pacifier as well, but she took right to her thumb. I’ve always hated seeing a kid suck a thumb…my mind wanders to how many dirty things they’ve touched since the last time they washed their hands. Now I have my very own thumb sucker, and I have to admit that I think it’s pretty cute. I’ve started trying to break her from it already, as I’ve seen so many messed up sets of teeth due to that and pacifiers when I was teaching. The habit breaking isn’t going too well so far.

  5. Rachel

    Maya, I didn’t even know you had teeth! You are so so so gorgeous and you never even flash them! I just thought you were the sexiest (toothless) person on the planet.

    Sheesh. All those good looks and you have teeth? Some girls have all the luck! 😉

    How is the move going? I am so jealous!!!!

  6. Jill

    You have to get her a “Thumbuddy To Love”- a great product to help kids stop thumb sucking. You can get it on their web site or on Amazon. I was a thumb sucker and thumb sucking can push the teeth forward so that you need braces. Start early to break the habit. Kids love Thumbuddy To Love so try it out!

  7. giselle

    Sucker her left thumb probably means she’s left-handed like me!! Is Neve left handed too or is she a righty??


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