Poor Froggy

I started my Lupron shots last week. 

Lupron shots are given to suppress your body from ovulating (since the clinic needs to manipulate the environment). 

The shots are making me a bit crazy and cranky. 

Not like I need an excuse, eh? 

I am getting my body ready for a baby who has been frozen in time and space. 

The funny thing is, every time the girls are at their MOST ANNOYING, my husband looks at me and says “So, you REALLLY want another now, huh?” and I laugh and say that G-D is testing me to see if I really do want another. 

Which I do. 

We are slowly introducing the girls to Mr. Potty. 

Their potties are green and shaped like a frog. 

You're going to do what in my where?


I wonder if when they get older, they will feel the need to “go” whenever they see a frog. 

I bought 2 of the same potties. 

I learnt to do this when I saw an episode of the now ill-fated life  of Jon & Kate. Kate was trying to potty train her kids, and they would fight about a specific color of potty. She said that she should have bought them all in the same color. 

I made a mental note when I saw that. 

So, they are excited about the actual potty, but not going in it per se. 


Any potty tips that I need to know? 



14 thoughts on “Poor Froggy

  1. edenland

    HAHA!!! I love it.

    Mate, you’re husband is like mine. Dave looks around at the chaos accusingly, says to me, ‘Look what you did!!”

    I tell him to go away and live by himself and be all lonely then. He says he would love that. We both know he is only joking. Mostly.

    I bought Rocco a potty this week too. He seems to know when he is about to do a poo. No success yet though.

    Potty training is led by the child, I think. When they’re ready and get the hang of it, they do it. No point stressing about it. It’s not like they’re going to hang a turd on the subway when they’re a teenager.

    (But that was only when I was reeeeaaaaaaalllly drunk. Lolza!)

    Wow on the injecting, my goodness you are doing it all again. Remember that time you did that mini animated video on your frozen embryos? And you wrote a post about it, telling them you loved them and you will come back for them some day? That day has come my friend.

    I’ll never forget the tenderness you spoke about them with.

    Love you mate. I’m sorry in advance for all my BlogHer excitement ….. can you really not come at all?? Wah! We will catch up soon – I’ve told Dave I’m going to BlogHer every year.


  2. Samantha

    Just keep at it. It will click. Until then… Keep the mop handy!

    I had one daughter who basically trained herself.. and another who I had to force to use the potty! But as soon as she was out of pull ups, and had her big girl panties on… she immediately peed & pooped on the potty.

    Also, both of my girls NEVER used the little potties… they went right for the big one!

    Deep breaths… and keep moving forward! It will happen!

  3. Nellie

    Ohh, the potty training stage….my sympathies! My daughter is 2 1/2 and though I started potty training her in August 2009, she’s still wearing pull-ups 24/7 because she’s LAZY at home but is great at Daycare. I will wait until her 3rd Birthday in June to rid her of the pull-ups and do underwears for good.

    I was stressed out trying to train her but realized that by creating a chart of when she ate and when I put her in the potty seat was very helpful. As much as my daughter hated being plunked down on the seat, like most kids, they crave routine and got used to it. She would cry hysterically whenever she’d be placed on the potty seat but in a matter of seconds and some lightly scratching (almost like tickling) her thighs while she sat and cried, she’d pee for me. It’s not easy and every child is different so be patient with yourself. Another great thing, start buying pull-ups if you haven’t already. They’ll think they are wearing “big girl” underwears and will most likely be thrilled over this. My daughter loved being able to put them on and take them off herself. It’s a great starting point.

  4. Kir

    GOOD LUCK, daycare is trying to trian them (we are soooo not good at potty training in my house,,I want it to just happen. LOL) they know the concept but um, are just like your girls…miss the mark.

    I love the froggies, they are awesome and cute. (and I’ll be waiting to hear how you do this, since I def need the tips!)

    You are AWESOME too!

  5. mel

    I hate to admit this but I found that that what worked best for us with our first was putting it in the living room where the TV was. That way during the beginning of potty training she didn’t learn to hold it until it was too late for the fear of missing something. My girls are not glued to the tv, but if Haley was watching elmo or whoever and had to go it worked best this way.
    She did pee on the floor sometimes, but coincidentaly it was those times that the potty was moved to the bathroom. This was at 18months (because she started ripping her diaper off when it was wet or had pooped), so we knew she was ready. Sometimes she would just sit there for a bit in anticipation of having to go and I think that helped her get comfortable with taking the time to do it.

  6. Kristin

    My girls are a little over 3 and are pretty much potty trained (one still wears a diaper at night but otherwise they both wear undies during the day). We tried the special seats. They wanted NOTHING to do with them so we put them away. They wanted to be like Mama. I spent lots of time with them coming into the bathroom to “watch you Mama” (and still do) and we specifically talked about them being able to do things like their older brother and sister. So, we have a stool they step on to get on the potty, we’ve taught them how to sit back far enough lest they pee down their legs (ahh girls), how to hold up their shirts and how to wipe.
    They get one sticker for going pee and two for going #2. Most of the time they don’t even bother with the stickers and eventually their charts that bedeck our basement door will be retired.
    But the thing you need to know is to let them go at their own pace. If they resist, take a step back and just drop the entire subject. If they start to get the hang of it, then have relapses, go back into diapers or pullups for a week or two, then go back to trying again. But when THEY are ready, THEY will succeed. And unfortunately for parents, we just have to be patient.
    I’ve potty trained 3 girls and one boy. It can be a long, frustrating progress, but then again, with twins, they will spur each other on. My girls get so excited for each other when one poops it’s like a ticker-tape parade! 🙂
    Good luck!

  7. Nonnie

    I hated potty training LG. I bought her a potty a couple of months before her second birthday. She thought it was cool at first and even peed on it a few times. She was totally just getting my hopes up, because after a while she refused to use the potty at all. I got pregnant with the twins about a month after I introduced it. When I got pregnant, I got very lazy with the potty training. She turned 2, and I really found it easier to just changer her diaper since she refused to go along with it anyway. Months went by…she showed no interest. Matter of fact, she went out of her way NOT to use the potty. Maybe she was just pissed that I was pregnant? She was 2 and a half when the twins were born. She still showed absolutely no interest in potty training. When she was 2 years and 8 months old (and the twins were about 2 months old), I put my foot down. I knew she was able to do it and was just being stubborn. So, one day I just told her there were no more day time diapers, period. I bought a chart, and each day I gave her smiley faces every time she went on the potty and frowny faces every time she had an accident. She was wearing panties, so accidents were pretty obvious to her…the kid who would have worn a soggy diaper all day HATED wearing wet panties. There was no punishment for accidents, but I did give her treats for smiley faces. 10 days after we started, she was fully daytime potty trained. I bought her a present as a reward. Night time potty training came almost a year later. I kept waiting for her to wake up dry, but she never did. Finally, I told her I’d buy her a Snow White doll if she wouldn’t pee in her diaper at night, but I told her she had to have 2 weeks worth of dry pull ups in the morning. She didn’t have a single accident. Oh the power of bribery.

  8. pillarr1

    My mom got her a pink potty when she was 10 months old. From that time until she was 18 months old she just took it apart and put it back together again. I never put her on it to use it. One morning when she was 18 months old she stood up in her crib and said “boo boo” pointing to her butt. She had had a bowel movement in her diaper. From that time forward she started wearing pull ups. She is 26 months old now and she is sporatic about peeing and pooping in the pot. I tried off and on since she was 18 months and sometimes she pees and sometimes she poops. She has terrible constipation so it is hard to time a bowel movement. If I see that she is trying to have a BM I put her on the pot. She will use it sometimes to poop. I have to keep her on it for at least 15-20 minutes before she will pee. Lately, if I mention the “pot” she runs from me. Sometimes she hides to have a BM. I am going to get her some panties and training pants and try it that way. If it doesn’t work, I am going to wait until she is 2 and 1/2 to get serious. Then I wonder, if they are potty trained, do they use the public bathroom when we are out? I can’t stand the thought of that. Ask your daycare how they do it. They may have good suggestions. I would definitely get pulls if for nothing else they can learn to step in and out of them and learn how to be wiped while standing. If I put a diaper on Rachel she has a fit when she has to lie on the bed or changing table to be changed. Good luck!


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