She’s Not Going to Massage Your Back

My back has been out since Friday.  I awoke with a soreness, but it got worse as the day progressed. On Saturday it was so bad, I couldn’t lift the girls.

 At all.

Or move my neck.

On Sunday I woke up feeling better. That is until I sneezed.  My neck and back stiffened up and I could not move.

My mom massaged my back. I asked her to do this since they say that the first-born child in every family has magical healing powers in their hands. Umm, no idea who came up with this old wives tale, but it’s sort of been passed on from generation to generation in my family. Since my mother is the oldest, I asked her to massage me. She had no problem. I told her I asked Neve to massage me, but she didn’t want to. My mom responded “Well, she’s a baby. She’s not going to massage your back!”

My humor is obviously lost on her.


I had company over last night. This was a toughie for me because of the pain I was in, but I had already made the plans.

My husband’s former neighbor from Israel lives in our city. it’s kind of strange that from a tiny farming village in Israel, they both ended up here. And ironically, he ran into her where? At our IVF clinic when I was going through fertility treatments! She was older and newly married, and after having 3 embryos implanted, one of them took and produced a son.

Gotta love our fertility clinic.



I went to a chiropractor today for the first time ever. I searched for one in my insurance directory and came across one who was located a block away from work.

 I went during lunch.

 She has a small office and no secretary.

There were no other patients.

 I started to wonder.

She was also a bit off, but aren’t we all?

She did some sort of ultrasound on my back and pushed and pulled on me and determined that I have some sort of slipped something or other in my neck that is pretty bad.

 I left there feeling MUCH better.

 I have another appointment  this week. I always knew my back was not aligned and funky. Now I have the proof.


So, we all know that Baby Spohr was born on Friday. I sat and cried when I heard. I needed for this to go right. I needed this for Heather and Mike.  Heather and I are sort of intertwined by fate. We both had the same type of pregnancies with our firsts, at the same exact time. Hell we would even watch the same episodes of Fresh Prince sitting in our respective hospital beds across the U.S. Our girls were born 2 days a part. They were preemies. A few months after my girls were born, Heather found my blog and emailed me. We call one another soul sisters…. and always say that our girls were intertwined somehow.

When Maddie passed, it was personal. I always saw her as an extension of my girls. I always had fun sending her things. She was so animated. And then she was gone. And it broke me. And then Heather told me she was pregnant when she was 8 weeks along. And I screamed.

I kind of knew it was going to happen, because I had a dream.

I can’t wait to love on Annabel.


Shamelessly stolen from Heather


I came into work today and there was a voicemail from my cousin. This cousin.


My partner in crime.

She has been married since March of 2007, and has been trying to get pregnant ever since.

 Until now.

She’s pregnant.

 I am over the moon.

 She told me she’s thinking of the name Anna for a girl.

Two important Anna’s in my life.


2010 is kicking ass so far.

Ever been to a chiropractor before? I’ve heard some horror stories. If so- please share.


16 thoughts on “She’s Not Going to Massage Your Back

  1. edenland

    WooooOOOOOOH. Awesome – I couldn’t see any of your pics (my computer is on the way out ..) – but it was so cool to read you. I knew you would be ecstatic, about that beautiful new baby girl over in LA. Divine.

    Can’t believe you and Mamaspohr both would watch the same eps of Fresh Prince!! How the hell did you figure THAT out?!

    Gem I’m so so glad you saw a chiropractor, and yay for going back. You have probably had the weight of the world on your shoulders for, oh, over two years now. Well done on thinking you are important enough to take care of yourself.

    Love you mate XOXOXOXOX

  2. AmazingGreis

    I too am having major back issues. It’s been over a month now, the pain has subsided some, but OMG it hurts like a mofo!

    I’m so excited from Heather & Mike. Annabel is absolutely precious and I can’t wait to meet her. Maybe in April, when I’m in LA. **fingers crossed!**

  3. KJ and the Kids

    I’m going to start making my own things up…..if you have brown hair you should massage my back. you have healing powers. If you are over the age of 22…healing powers…rub my back. If you’ve ever driven a car. I think you get where I’m going with this. MASSGE MY BACK !!!
    Sorry that your back is out. I hope it feels better soon. I swear having twins tweaks your back and it never is the same.

    Congratulations on all of the good news.

  4. insertwittytitleheremomstired

    I finally went to the chiropractor last week since having Emberly. He was fantastic. My hips had been hurting since giving birth and I just assumed they’d eventually go back in to place. Yeah right. He said my hips were out a mile. I noticed a huge difference leaving his office. I felt like my hips were two inches in. It felt funny the rest of the day b/c I had been out for so long. I really love going to the chiro. As with everything, someone will have a horror story. I for one, think chiros are great.

  5. insertwittytitleheremomstired

    BTW, I’m definitely glad you’re feeling better. Nothing like my completely selfish post ::)

  6. Rachel

    I love Jewish tales like that! For instance, I am scared to death to put my purse on the ground, because the money might fly out. Oh, wive’s tales.

    Eden is spot on…the weight of the world finally kicked in. Thank Gd you went to a chiropractor. I know people say it again and again, but if we don’t take care of ourselves, who will?

    Annabelle? Is. So. Gorgeous. Unbelievable. (You can’t see me, but I’m spitting, to ward off the evil eye. Wive’s tale much??)

    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      never heard of the purse thing!!
      i’m starting to take care of myself, and it feels great. i think we all should!

  7. Vixen

    It is my understanding there are two different kinds of chiropractors. I worked for one for a year while I was pregnant with my second 23 years ago. The one I worked for was one of the ones that does gentle manipulations, not the grab your head and twist kind. He did wonderous things for me (I have scoliosis), but once when he was gone on vacation my back went out and his covering guy adjusted me. He was the jerk and twist kind. Didn’t hurt, but it didn’t help either. And it scared the crap out of me. Haven’t been to a chiro since.

    I cried when Anna was born too. I am just so happy for them. I just hope we get our happy ending this time too. 28 weeks and 6 days now for my DIL this time. I am just praying for a good outcome this time.

    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      i went to a once who uses non force. She is great, but after 2 days of going, I couldnt sleep at all last night from all the pain my body is in. I dont know if it means its working, or not!

      *praying for your DIL*

  8. Paper Tiger

    Love to hear the great chiropractic stories. Chiropractic has changed my life for the better. Not only got me out of pain, but focused on a natural approach to all aspects of life. Connected to my source…i guess…..


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