Just Call Her Micky

I usually walk through the door at around 6:35pm on work days. At that time, the girls are usually eating their dinners and strapped into their high chairs.

We have toddler plates that are divided into 3 sections. We place a protein, a carb and a vegetable. ALWAYS.

Although Neve is not a fan of vegetables AT ALL (esp if they are green) I make sure to still put a veggie on her plate in the HOPES that she may one day look at a string bean and say “hm.. I’ll give you a try. CHOMP CHOMP… why have I never known how tasty you are??? Run Away with me…. “ – or something of that sort…

I have always been a fan of vegetables. No matter which one it was, my mom would put it on my plate and I would eat it. I like to eat.

Soleil is JUST like me. She will try and eat anything. I love that she is adventurous.  It makes me smile. Not only does she look like me, she has my food preferences.

Neve, on the other hand is JUST like her dad. My husband is not a vegetable fan. He loves starches and carbs. If I could cook the same 4 meals over and over again on rotation, he would be happy.

I hate this about him, because I am a secret foodie who LOVES to cook. Unfortunately for me, I picked a man who doesn’t eat anything (eats to live, unlike me who LIVES to eat). He wont touch 98% of vegetables with a ten foot pole. He doesn’t eat red meat, sea food, etc.

And now my first-born, is following in his footsteps. It makes me wonder if it’s nature or nurture.

At this point, it’s safe to say its nature.

So last night, I sat with the girls while they finished up their dinner. I decided to bring out the tub of frozen yogurt and a spoon and give them each a little bit as a treat.

As I was giving each girl their spoon full I would say “One for Neve and one for Soleil”. As I kept repeating it, Soleil interrupted me to finish my sentence.

She kept saying “Soleil, Soleil”….

My mouth dropped.

My heart was overflowing with joy.

She finally said her own name- and she knew it was her name.

I know that by this point most children say their names. They are over 2 years old. But for me, it meant so much more.

Up until this point, they have both called each other Neve. I hear that’s fairly common in twins.

But to hear her say her name… Soleil… the name that I chose for her.

The name that would get me a head tilt/ puzzled looks from people when asked what I was going to name my girls.

The name that I had to fight my husband for (he knew he couldn’t go head to head with me… after all I was the one who went to hell and back to have them and give birth to them).

The name that my father-in-law still can’t pronounce (he now calls her Micky).

The name that everyone cannot spell.

The name that I had vowed to name my future daughter since I fell in love with it at age 18.

 The name that means Sun…. and she is my sun.

My sunshine girl.



What does the name you chose (or will choose) for your child mean to you?


20 thoughts on “Just Call Her Micky

  1. rachel

    Mazel tov! I’m so happy. Soleil isn’t an easy name to pronounce, but it is beautiful…and now she can own it! 😉

    Gd willing, I will have a little girl to name Miriam after my grandma. We fight over M’s…she might be a Maya or Meirav. My favorite Hebrew names!!!

    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      btw- my grandmother was also miriam. I wanted to give one of the girls that middle name, but my husband didnt want the karma (she passed of cancer)

      1. Rachel

        I LOVE Maya. It is gorgeous.

        Danny is afraid of Miriam and Meirav, because with our last name, he thinks that they sound “too Jewish”. Annoying.

        Just wait til the boys…Natan or Aytan. LOL.

  2. Molly

    Awwwwww! I love the way you write about your girlies! I have a whole list of baby names, but none that really mean anything. Maya is totally on the list, btw. I was named for my Great Grandmother, who ironically, would have disowned my mother for marrying a goy.

  3. insertwittytitleheremomstired

    My daughter’s name came from the baby book. I wanted something different but not ridiculous. I had always LOVED Lilian, but it got too popular for me. I didn’t want my kid to share her name with 5 other people in her class. So, when I was pregnant, I read every page of the baby book, marked names I liked, then my husband and I debated over them. Emberly was the only one we both kept coming back to. There were so many nickname possibilities and it was different enough to not be easily copied. I love it know and couldn’t see her as any other name.

  4. edenland

    That post brought tears to my eyes.

    I always thought the “L” was pronounced in Soleil, until I heard you say it once on a video. That is so so cute that she can say her own name.

    Rocco says “Occo.’ And calls Tim “Bim” and Max “Mak.” So fricking cute.


  5. Kerry

    Jackson still says “Ma-ee (Madison) do it” when he is referring to himself. he knows his name is Jackson cause if someone asks he says it, but there is definitely something about twins constantly being around each other.

  6. Nonnie

    Now I’m anxious to see if my twins both say their own names when the time comes!

    LG’s real name was a name I’ve loved since I was a little girl watching the soaps with my grandmother. There was an old lady with the name on one of shows, and I sort of tucked it back in my mind all those years. I never really thought about naming a child until I decided I wanted children, but it was definitely the girl name that occurred to me first. It helped that my husband loved it.

    Baby E’s name is one that I have also liked since childhood. Back to TV (because I watched WAY too much as a kid…still do), there was a mom on a show with the name (Hello, Family Ties!!), and when the dad would say her name I always liked the sound of it. It’s another name I tucked away, but have to admit that I kind of forgot about this one when LG came along. It wasn’t until we were at the pediatrician’s office when LG was younger that I was reminded of it (after seeing it embroidered on a little girl’s backpack). It worked perfectly, because it wasn’t a name that we had thought of and denied as a name for our firstborn…therefore it wasn’t a leftover, which made me feel better about using it for my sweet E.

    Baby A’s name is the only one for which I have no story. We needed another girl name, and it honestly felt like we’d exhausted every name in the world. The husband is extremely picky. I almost told him to just pick a name since he’d reluctantly agreed to let me use the name we were using for Baby E, but I just couldn’t do it. He loved the name Sky, and while it’s a fine name, I was not having it for my kid! He decided he loved Neve (!!!!!), and I came THIS close to letting him use if for Baby A, but for various reasons, I just couldn’t do it!! Finally, I threw out Baby A’s name…and he loved it. It is a very simple name, yet I’d say that 7 times out of 10 it’s mispronounced, but we love it and it suits her perfectly. She is SO not a Neve, so I’ll take it all as a sign that I was right all along :).

  7. Jennifer

    That is awesome! Avery says her name all the time time. But Maddie, at 2.5, STILL doesn’t say her name! When referring to herself, she says me or mine or I. I wonder when she will finally say Madeline….

  8. Hilary

    I bet that was a special moment!! Your daughter’s name is very beautiful….My daughter has a very unusual name..It’s Lanta. We named her after my husband great Aunt..everyone in Texas has lazy speech and sometimes call her “Lana” just leaving the “T” out drives me CRAZY!!! I’ll never forget when my daughter 1st said her name too..it was very sweet 🙂 Enjoy your sweet time with those cuties..they grow so fast!!

  9. Maya Hanley

    I didn’t get lucky enough to have children but always wanted to call my daughter, if I had one, Angelina. Since I did not have a child, my best friend asked me if she could use my baby name for her daughter so now I have a girl in my life called Angelina! I am thrilled about that.

    I am a Gemini twin too ( non identical) and when I was a kid I thought I was a Gemini because I am a twin!

    Love your blog.

  10. Maya Hanley

    Oh, and I meant to say, Soleil is a gorgeous name.

    I changed my name to Maya as my original name caused so much trouble and no one could pronounce it and I was always called a name I didn’t like, Marie ( nothing wrong with it, but it’s not for me). Then I discovered that my original name means bitter and that was it for me. I changed it a few weeks later. I am so happy I did because now it’s so hard to mispronounce and it means wise woman in the Greek tradition and Enchantment or Illusion in the Hindu tradition.

    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      Maya- my name is Maya as well! I didnt know that it means wise woman!!! I do know that Maya is the goddess of money in india!

      How is the weather in dublin now? My cousin lives there and my husband and I are going to visit her in feb!!! what do I need to see??

  11. Maya Hanley

    Well, the weather has been unusually dreadful but seems to be getting back to normal now so it will be raining and cold in Feb!! Loads to see but depends on what you are interested in. Art? Music? points of interest? Let me know and I will tell you the best places. I see you like to eat so I can recommend some places and warn you off others. LOL. So nice we have the same name!

  12. es

    My daughter says a shortened version of her name, but my son refers to himself as “my”. The joys of being a twin… always worrying about having to share things…


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