My Two Cents

Conan/ Leno

I am SO pissed off about this. You have no idea.

I don’t think Leno is funny at all. I also don’t think that Conan is everyone’s cup of tea- but to move the Tonight Show to 12:05am? To follow Leno again? I mean why hire Conan as the host of the Tonight Show in the first place if you’re just going to want him to stay in the same time slot and follow Leno?

The press release that Conan sent out yesterday was truly a class act.

I had the privilege of seeing his show live many times when he was in New York. All I remember is Conan  coming out  into the audience prior to the start of the show  and dancing with the one audience member who looked the most uncomfortable to be there. He was and is so genuine.

I truly believe Leno should just retire. He has been around for a long time, and he could go back to stand up- his original roots. He would sell out. He could also, you know – go out and buy more cars.  He should have fallen on the sword, not Conan. Just give Conan a chance. Jay would look classier if he decided to leave. He would have much respect.

Until all this is resolved- this will be my avatar and  facebook picture:

Plus, I owe him a debt of gratitude, you know for helping me name my daughter-( I first heard the name Neve from him when he announced that he named his daughter Neve O’Brien)



So after I finished watching 3 seasons of Mad Men a few weeks ago, I decided to find another show to watch. I got some great suggestions from all of you- but the one who influenced me was Chastity and her facebook updates.

 Dexter was going to be the new show.

Now, I have known that Dexter is always nominated for something or other, but the whole morbid thing turned me off. Dexter is a show about a murdered (Michael C. Hall who is AMAZING)- but a murdered who only kills really bad people, so you kind of have sympathy for him.

After one episode, I was hooked. The writing and acting are SUPERB (yes I used the word Superb).

I have a Netflix account, and they had a watch instantly option for the first 2 seasons… and watch I did. I was even watching it as the ball dropped. I didn’t know it was 2010 until I heard firecrackers going off outside.  I was in a Dexter zombie-like trance.

Of course, now that I am on the 3rd season- they have cut me off. I need to WAIT for the DVD’s to arrive in my house. It was like a drug dealer who gives you a taste of crack for free, but if you want more you have to pay.

DAMN YOU NETFLIX and your ways!


Homeless Man

I have a bone to pick with Johnny Depp.

Yes, we get that you are a good actor who wants to be taken seriously for your acting chops and not your looks.

But really?

Morning Links


That is all.


9 thoughts on “My Two Cents

  1. Molly

    Omg so apparently the sex murderer known as Michael C. Hall was dxed with Hodgkins lymphoma today! Sad! But he said they caught it early and it’s a very treatable disease.

    When I first found dexter I watched the entire first two seasons in about a day. I’m like you, I got SO hooked. I watched it through netflicks too!

    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      I know I read about that!!! the eery thing is, he has non hodgkins lymphoma, which is a blood cancer- and on Dexter he is obsessed with blood and is a blood splatter expert! i pray he gets better

  2. Nonnie

    I was always a Letterman and Conan fan. I’ve just never thought Jay was funny. When J and I were dating, sometimes I’d be at his parents’ house late at night, and his dad always watched Leno. He still thinks Leno is the best, and I just DO NOT GET IT! I haven’t really watched many of the late night shows in a while, but I am definitely on Conan’s side in this mess.

    I just have the finale left before I’m finished with season 3. I don’t know what I’m going to do about waiting to see Season 4! It’s not on DVD yet :(.

    I just heard today about Michael C. Hall’s cancer diagnosis. What I read said he had already gone through treatment and that he was in remission. Thankfully, Hodgkin’s Disease is one of the best cancers to have…if you have to have cancer, that is.

  3. Rachel

    Two things I have noticed about Dexter: 1) after watching it, I usually spend the next few hours thinking, oh my Gd, that guy is totally a murderer. (Usually just the mailman or my husband).

    and 2) Hoping and praying that I never have a psychotic break, because it would just be my luck to be the calm, collected serial killer. (Since I am so calm and collected in everyday life, right?)

    Re: Leno: I agree…move on.

  4. Gail

    It’s not that I don’t think Jay is funny, I mean, he has his moments, but it is the principle of the thing. He had, what, 5 YEARS to get used to the idea and come up with something else to do? And he should’ve had a back-up plan if this primetime thing didn’t work out. He’s just screwing Conan, and it’s not fair.

  5. Emily

    So funny to read about your new Dexter obsession because the same thing happened to me! I was looking for a new show to watch and had heard a lot of good things about Dexter…I ended up watching all four seasons over my winter break from college this year!!! I love it, love Michael C. Hall, so happy about his win at the Golden Globes!!! ALSO- did you know he and Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) are married in real life?? I can’t get over it, so crazy! Anyway, keep watching…you won’t believe what happens!


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