A Typical Night at Grandma’s

A few weeks back, my parents came over for Friday night dinner at my house. Usually, I don’t have them over for dinner too often because well.. I am not a big fan of my mother. I do love how much my girls enjoy spending time with their grandparents though, so I grin and bare it.  They call my mother  “Tata”  (Safta means grandma in hebrew) and “Baba” (Saba means Grandpa in Hebrew).

When my parents were set to leave for the night, Neve was not a happy camper. She clung to my mother and cried. She didn’t want her to go. I jokingly put Neve’s coat and hat on and told my mom she was going home with her. My mother wasnt too keen on the idea because she knows that when one of them sleeps over, she doesn’t get much sleep (she is SUPER PARANOID).

Neve took the coat thing seriously and made her way to the door. When I tried to get her, she was so clearly upset- that my mother decided to take her home.

I put together a quick overnight bag and away they went.

That was at 7:3opm.

At 8:23pm I get a call from my mom :“She cut her lip and she’s bleeding. What do I do”?

I asked her if it was a deep cut that needed stitches and she said no. Once I heard that, I told her that there was nothing to worry about, and to apply pressure to her lip.

9:00pm: “It’s still bleeding. What should I do?”

I asked her how exactly she raised two kids and her answer was “Hysterically”.


No wonder I was such a drama queen as a child.

She told me to search the internet to find an answer.

I told her she was being crazy.

She then said “Well, I am glad you and your husband are not effected when things happen to your kids (this was supposed to be a burn I suppose)”

I googled home remedies to help stop bleeding and it said to put flour on the area.

10:00pm: “Mom, put flour on the cut.”

“You mean baking flour?”


She gets some flour and puts it on the effected area.

“Is it stopping?” I ask.

“Every time I put the flour on, she licks it off.  Stop eating the flourrrrrr!!”

It’s a wonder I didn’t turn out crazier than I am.


8 thoughts on “A Typical Night at Grandma’s

  1. gilsner

    oh my goodness, that’s too funny! Ironically I had a rabbit who cut it’s foot and the flour trick is what my vet told me, it worked wonderfully!

    Next time you send one of your girls to Tata’s house can you send a nanny cam with? I’d love to see the footage 😉

  2. mel

    “Stop eating the flour!”LOL. your mom sounds a lot like my mother. She calls me more when she has my kids. It amazes me. “what if she’s not drinking her milk” “she didn’t want dinner. she asked for icecream instead.” It makes me insane, but I am just so glad her crazy was passed on to me. At least it’s not showing yet.


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