Better Late Than Never!

In 2009, I…

  • Opened up the new year with  friends

  • Became the mother of TODDLERS.
  • Went to LA for the first time since I was 2.

Totally freaked out by Mickey


  • Met my dear friends Heather, Mike & Maddie for the first time( face to face).
  • Went on EVERY.SINGLE.RIDE at Disneyland and was not ashamed (even if I may have pushed some 7 year olds out of the way)
  • Went to a Motocross Race and was the only olive- skinned person there. I was affraid.
  • Had my heart-broken when Maddie passed. Life will just not be the same again.
  • Did my first COMPLETE March for Babies walk Purple Balloons for Maddie by you.
  • Realized that I am NOT ready for a third child and am OK with it.
  • Have lost most of my gut wrenching  jealousy when I see big beautiful pregnant bellies.
  • Lost another 15 lbs. (only 12 lbs to go!)
  • Turned 28 and actually had a REALLY GOOD day.

  • Had my first root canal
  • Realized that just because you have known someone for 22 years doesn’t mean you need to continue a toxic friendship. 
  • Went to my first Blogher Event and had a blast.

  • Went to Chicago for the very first time and had deep dish pizza (NY is way better)

  • Sat in First class for the very first time… and am now ruined forever.
  • Had my grandmother come to me in a dream, and brought with her my other grandmother who I had never met before (she passed before I was born). That was NO dream.
  • Went to a farm and actually picked corn. and then ate it. Very agricultural of me.

  • Danced with a Belly Dancer
  • Realized that going out with co workers or friends sometimes- does not make me a bad mother. It makes for a SANE mother.
  • Celebrated my daughters Second Birthday.

  • Decided that I hate Elmo, but can’t live without him.
  • Realized that although not perfect, I am a FAR better mother than my mother was.

As for Resolutions? I am OK with just trying to be the best me that I can be.

What are your resolutions?


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