From the Land of the Lost

Thanksgiving was nice.

I work in Manhattan and was lucky enough to be able to attend a Thanksgiving Breakfast at my place of work, which happens to be right above where the Parade was marching by. This gave us an optimal view of the parade.

The girls had mini tantrums, and didnt seem too into it. Oh, well- there’s always next year (even though my husband has vowed “Never Again”)

Soleil has a reluctant new boyfriend

Best family photo we could get.


I went to the doctor the day prior to thanksgiving, and I told her that I just always seem to be exhausted even after a full nights sleep. She ran some tests and then turned and asked me, “Do you think you might be depressed?”

Of course… not the first time I am asked this question. Not the first time I need to ask myself that question.

I told her that I see a therapist. She asked if I would consider taking antidepressants. Not the first time I was asked that either.

apparently, being depressed can lead you to have constant fatigue- which is what I seem to have.

So I took a little quiz that she gave me, and she decided to write a prescription for Lexa*pro – which I was told has the least side effects.

I started out with half a pill for two days and a whole one on the 3rd day. I was actually starting to feel a little better, when suddenly on the 3rd night- I became sick. I was so sick on Monday, that I almost threw up on my way to work and couldnt eat anything the entire day.  I was nauseous and tired. I thought I came down with a stomach virus. I had to stay home on Tuesday- because I could not get out of bed – dizziness, nausea… fatigue.

On Wednesday, I had to pick myself out of bed and go to work since I was organizing a very large meeting on Thursday and could not afford to be sick. On Wednesday night, after taking another pill and having the nausea restart- I realized what the cause of my illness was. I stopped asap. I called my doctor- who was on vacation (naturally), and googled side effects. Apparently, I am part of the lucky 10% who feel nausea when taking lexa*pro.

My brother takes 4 (4!!!) of them a day and warned me of weight gain…

I actually LOST 3lbs last week- which would be reason enough to keep taking the pills if you ask me (weight loss!!) but considering I have to commute to work on the subway and sit at a desk the whole day- not a very smart thing.

I know she might tell me to push through the side effects, but the truth is- it’s a bit difficult for me.

Speaking of weight loss, I am just about 10 lbs away from my pre- pregnancy weight. This is very monumental for me. It took me over 2 years, but I am finally inching closer.


Since I have not been feeling myself these past weeks, it would explain my lack of posting- so I apologize.  Just feeling a bit off kilter.

Especially when I had a winner to announce for the Cirque Du Soleil Tickets!!!

The winner was automatically generated- ERICA!!

Email me your info to geminigirlblog at

*BTW for those who don’t know Erica, she is an AMAZING AMAZING woman. She had twins 2.5 years ago, and then was the surrogate for her sister… and carried her twins as well! Two twin pregnancies one after the other- the woman deserves a medal!!!!


Sorry for being MIA- Promise to be around more!


4 thoughts on “From the Land of the Lost

  1. KJ and the Kids

    Tired and naseuas. Are you sure it’s depression ?

    I hope you get it all figured out.

    I LOVE it when you smile with teeth. LOVE IT !
    One day you will look back and think…what the hell was my problem. I wasted a lot of time worrying about my smile…..SHOW IT GIRL ! 🙂

  2. pillarr1

    I am so happy to hear from you. I am not a doctor but I do know about constant fatigue. Maybe that is what is happening with you. I know that is my problem. Sometimes I sleep all night, sometimes not. I still feel tired when I do. I think my problem is not being able to do what I want to do – when I want to do it. Having children is exhausting. Going to the store is no longer just going to the store. It is a whole potential mini drama. The thought of not having a calm life anymore is hard for me to grasp. Maybe for you too. Courtesy of Dr. Pillarr1!!


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