Someone learnt a new trick

MVI_5760, originally uploaded by gemini-girl.



8 thoughts on “Someone learnt a new trick

  1. pillarr1

    Oh no!! it has begun. The beginning of the end of the cribs. They stack up pillows or anything so they can get higher and jump out!! That is too funny. Is Neve doing it too? One day you will wake up and both of them will be standing next to your bed trying to wake you up. Wouldn’t that be a trip!

  2. Patti B.

    My chicks loved to be together in their cribs at that age too! But I kinda agree – maybe move them far apart and tell Soleil to “tell mommy” when she wants to go in Neve’s crib and you could maybe put them in together? But I guess I would be nervous if you moved them apart she might try this move and land on the floor – yikes 😦 They are so freaking cute though – stuff like this takes me back to when mine were their age! (THEY ARE 13 NOW OMG)….


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