Off to the Farm We Go

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL Fall day in New York. Since we had yet to take the girls to a Pumpkin Patch, we decided that it was the right kind of day to do so.

My mother wanted to join us (and nobody was killed- hurrah!), so off we went to a Farm an hour away.

As a child, my parents never took us apple picking, or to pick out a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch. They were Israeli immigrants and didnt really partake in the Fall festivities that is so Americana.

I remember always feeling left out, so to speak, because of our lack of involvement. I wanted to carve a pumpkin, I wanted to go trick or treating!

When my girls were born, I made a promise to myself that I would do those things with them.

I mean, they are second generation American.

Granted, their father is Israeli- but he is way more open-minded than my parents were. Plus, he has no choice.

Anywho, off we went to the farm.


This counts as my exercise.


Discovering apples


3 Generations


Grandma showing the girls where corn comes from


My husband the farmer- love it (fyi he was born & raised on a farm)


Soleil & I pulling the wheelbarrow


Neve is not amused


First time I EVER picked corn. EVER. I am such a pro


Perfect moment- perfect shot


My little pumpkins

 What are some of your earliest Fall memories?


13 thoughts on “Off to the Farm We Go

  1. Rachel

    I remember being in Kindergarten. My mom made me a unicorn costume for Halloween, and there was a “Halloween parade” at school. The 4-6th graders were pointing and making fun of me, so I hid behind a witch’s hat in front of me…but I went home and told my mom that everyone loved it. Sewing it must of taken a lot out of her, because the following year I wore Snoopy pj’s and went as a Peanuts fan. LOL.

    Loved the pics!

  2. cindy w

    Ok, that second to last picture? Is so awesome that it should at the very least be framed, but really it should be in like a freaking calendar or something. It is that fantastic.

    No major fall memories for me. I grew up in Mississippi. Autumn is the like 3 days of nice cool weather, smushed in between soul-crushing heat and freeze-your-butt-off cold.

    Now, of course, we actually live in a place with pumpkin patches, but we have yet to take my kiddo to one. May have to correct that this year. We’ll see.

  3. mama2addie

    Great pictures! Love the one of Soleil running through the leaves! That’s frame worthy!

    We did the pumpkin patch this weekend too! So much fun! I love making memories and starting new traditions!

  4. heather...

    that picture of Soleil with her back to the camera is amazing. I agree with Cindy, it should definitely be framed.

    The picture of you, your mom, and the girls made me cry. I’m so glad you have a picture of the three generations together.

    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      Wish I could have had a picture of all 5 generations (my great-grandma, grandmother, mother and me) but of course, they passed away within these past two years. Now that would have been a picture.

  5. sugarandice

    I remember being 4 and going to my aunt’s Halloween party with my mom. My aunt would have been around 13 or 14 years old at the time, so there were lots of young teenagers there. They were bobbing for apples and doing other Halloween stuff, all in costume. I just remember thinking how fun it was. I also remember wearing a white sweater and the sky being pink as the sun was setting, noting it to my mom and her telling me that the pink sky might turn my white sweater pink. Then the next day, it was pink! It was weird! I’m not sure how she did it, but for the longest time I did think the sky turned my sweater pink.

  6. pillarr1

    Looks like they had so much fun! It is so nice that you keep them involved in all of these seasonal activities, you are such a good mom. My Rachel threw her pumpkins on the ground and stormed off. She was not interested, dagnamit! It is nice to enjoy the cider, apples, pumpkin carving and trick or treating. My mother in law is TOTALLY against halloween religious reasons or something. I never asked. What’s the big deal anyway, it is fun! Therefore, my husband has zero interest in it. So it was just me and Rachel. I am so happy to see that your mom went. I know you guys don’t always get along, but it is nice to have your mom with you. My mom is 700 miles away so I don’t get to do much with her. Hold these moments precious – I know you do!


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