23 Month Check Up

On Saturday, the girls had their regular check up with their pediatrician. Seeing as though they have been sick for the past week and a half, it was perfect timing.

I love the girls pediatrician. I was about to write MY pediatrician because he was mine as well!

The appointment was for 11:00am. Of course, when I signed in- I noticed that there were 7 other people with the SAME appointment time (which is the one THING I HATE about going to him). He sees these kids like they are on a conveyor line- but with my girls he is totally sweet. I think he likes them because I was actually one of his first patients. He was the pediatrician on call the day my mom gave birth to me.

In the waiting room, I sat with the girls in their double stroller and an older gentleman with his 12 year old son sat by us. He waved at the girls, and then told me that his daughter had twins, but lost one. I asked him what week did she give birth, and he said 26.  He proceeded to tell me that the one that survived was doing beautifully. I told him I had the girls at 30 weeks and he said “G-D bless them- you wouldnt be able to tell”. Of course, even though you can’t tell, I will FOREVER have the war scars on the inside.


Then another set of twins walked in and sat by us. How did I know they were twins? Well, the mother decided to dress them IDENTICALLY. No joke, down to the same head band. Internets, you know how much I LOATHE that (personally). I started talking to the mom and she said her girls just turned 2, but were preemies. I asked how many weeks they were born at, and she said 30. Just like my girls. My girls were 30 weeks and 4 days (in premature delivery world every day counts).

She said she had to be on hospital bed rest from her 21st week. I was hospitalized at 25 weeks. We had very similar stories.

She said that her Baby B had to be in intubated at birth (like my Baby B) but they must have punctured her lung because her daughter’s lung collapsed and she had to have it partially removed- of course, you couldnt tell on her.

You dont often meet people who have gone through the same war as you have. Not IRL anyway. That’s why I love blogging. I get to meet other mommies who are survivors. I have met some of my BEST FRIENDS on here. I’m a nerd and  I don’t care.

Soleil was weighed and measured, she is now 27.5 lbs and 35 inches tall.

Neve was weighed and measured (against her will), she is now 29 lbs and 35 inches tall.

He said that they are doing beautifully and are on the right track physically and developmentally.

I always wait for the other shoe to drop when it comes to appointments.

I guess that’s just part of the battle scar.



Putting stickers on their faces



"More stickers I say!"



Is this a good look mom?



Wonder where they learned that?


3 thoughts on “23 Month Check Up

  1. KJ and the Kids

    Twins are everywhere. It really is going to be weird to have a singleton.
    How wonderful that you were able to share these experiences with someone with such a similar story to yours.
    Your girls are beautiful and amazing little people. Good job mom.

  2. Lisa

    Aww, they look adorable playing with the stickers. My daughter loves stickers. She loves to put them on her face or my face and say that it looks silly 🙂

  3. Sandy

    Perfect little girlies. They’re a credit to you and you’re a credit to them. You should be very proud of yourself… girl done good! x


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