Crystal Ball

My girls started their first day of daycare today.

Up until this point my mother and my husband (when he wasnt in school) have been their primary caretakers during the day. I work a full-time job and am out of my house for about 11 hours a day (someone has to make the money- sense the animosity?).

In March, my husband and I decided that come the Fall we would put the girls in daycare. My mother has officially lost her patience and I have lost my patience for her (Case in point- last week we had a fight and she called me an idiot in front of my girls.. she has zero respect for me as a parent).

Even though I know that they receive an abundance of love from my mother (she is a way better grandparent than a mother) they need to be in a setting with other children. They need to learn. They need to play. They need to be able to touch whatever they want without hearing “Don’t touch that!”

So like I was saying, back in March I decided to start calling daycare centers around my parts. Everyone pretty much told me that they were booked up for the fall! I was in complete and utter shock. This was 6 months before school started. I guess I didnt know I needed to sign the girls up while they were in the womb.

A friend told me about the daycare that she sends her son to. She said he loved it. So I took the day off and my husband and I had two appointments at two separate places.

The first place (the referral) we walked into was a huge Jewish community center that had its own daycare facility. We met with the director and I was in love. She is warm, and caring and you could tell that she REALLY does care for each of those kids. The times are from 9am-4pm mon-thur and 9-12 on friday.  She told me that she would give me a discount for both of the girls (I did suggest the buy one get one free method but she laughed).

As I was leaving the place and was about to head for the second destination- I turned to my husband and said that I didn’t want to look at the second place- that my motherly instincts were telling me that this was the place for them.

He agreed and we went back in to sign the paperwork.

I love the fact that it is  a Jewish daycare center- as my religion plays a big part in who I am. I went to private school from the age of 3-18 and I appreciated it. Sure, I missed out on some cool things like Halloween (not a Jewish holiday so it was frowned on), prom, dances, etc.. but  what I gained was a sense of community and deep roots.

Orientation for the girls was yesterday morning. I took the day off of work and my mother and I took the girls in. I thought they would freak out, but they were loving it! I could have left them there and they wouldnt have noticed.

That felt good- it means that we have been doing a good job keeping them confident and independent.

My husband dropped them off  this morning and he said they went right into the room and started playing with the other kids. They were doing well! When he was down the hall he heard Neve crying “Daddy” and he said it broke his heart.

He had a hard time leaving them.

Personally, I am OK with it. Everyone has been asking me if I cried like a baby this morning. I mean, I didnt sleep well last night (but not sure that it had anything to do with the first day of daycare).

I know this is the best place for them. I know that they will learn and grow every day. They will forge friendships… with children other than their twin.

So no, I did not cry.

No, I am not sad.

More than anything, I am excited for them to brighten their horizons to learn more about the world…

I wish I had a crystal ball two years ago… all of my fears, all of my worries… my high risk pregnancy, my pre- term labor, their early births…. the fears…the sleepless nights…

I wish I would have known…

White Post Farms by you.

Sibling Fun by you.


10 thoughts on “Crystal Ball

    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      we told her in march so she has been prepared. she was totally losing the feel for watching them for the past few month… just going through the motions. they needed this!

  1. amy d

    Your girls are beautiful!! I love that last pic of them playing…Gorgeous!

    My son was born 10 weeks premature. When the day came to drop him off at daycare I felt really horrible about it. He just seemed too small to be anywhere other than attached to me. But this is the real world and I have to go to work.

    He is now 14 months old and and nearly walking and talking constantly. (giberish but talking nonetheless) I thinkg the interaction with the other kids has helped greatly in getting him “caught up” to his actual age.

    Your girls will thrive in that environmet! Glad you found a place you really like…that makes all the difference!

    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      Thanks Amy!
      My girls were also 10 weeks premature (at 30 weeks 4 days). One of my daughters only really started walking at 16 months (so he seems right on track!)

  2. pillarr1

    I am so happy that they like it there and that you guys feel great about it! I know your mom is probably pretty worn down from watching them. It can really be physically exhausting watching kids all day. I am worn down all the time. I think you will find that the girls will learn so much while they are in school. They will act differently (much better) and be exposed to different things (foods, activities). It is so great for them to be around kids their own age. There is no substitute for that. Also, they will be exposed to cold bugs and viruses. Everyone says that this is good because they build up immunity. In the winter, it tends to be worse but that’s life. Rachel is in daycare 2 days per week and is always coming home with something. I have taught her to wash her hands frequently so maybe that will help. Another thing that is interesting about daycare – they tend to want to act like the rest of the group. Rachel tries throwing food and cups at home but the daycare workers said she does none of that there. Kids are so smart. Keep us posted on how they are doing. Ask questions about their daily routine so that you can keep those things up at home. I love the routine they establish. They will have so much fun!!

  3. es

    My kids also just started daycare, but they’re having a bit of a harder time adjusting. I don’t regret my decision of sending them (instead of having a babysitter), at this point I think it really will be the best place for them! Congrats on finding a place that you feel happy with- I know how hard that can be.

    1. geminigirl64 Post author

      Thank Es- I am so happy you still check back in! After all, we were ivf buddies! Send me a picture of your little ones! geminigirlblog at aol dot com


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