Things That Disturb Me

Things That Disturb Me #1:

So I watch the Show Weeds- AMAZING Show. Mary Louise Parker is perfect in it. Just perfect. Add a dose of Kevin Neelon and you have a party.

The thing that disturbs me?

I am a little bit obsessed with the actor that plays her son Silas.

Silas Botwin - Weeds Wiki

 I am disturbed because he is young enough to be my son. He’s what- 18 years old? I got my period at 10 years old… so yes, technically he could be my son (if I got pregnant on my first period). G-D I am sick.









Things That Disturb Me #2:

My brother’s apartment was broken into a few weeks ago.  Besides for the fact that he lives in my building and there has not been one break in since I moved in 4 years ago (there has been heavy construction on my building the past few weeks…), what disturbs me is what was taken.

The usual things were stolen, his new laptop, an ipod, his electric shaver. It gets weirder…. HIS FEBREEZE was stolen. My brother is meticulous about his stuff. His OCD makes him aware of every single thing he owns. So.. he immediately realized it was gone.

 Just gone.

That and a new bottle of body wash.

Who the fuck breaks into an apartment, steals a laptop and then says to themselves, ‘hmm I may as well steal his febreeze.’

That’s just not normal.

Things That Disturb Me #3:

Yes my friends, what you are looking at is real.. a pole dancing doll.

From the research I have done on this (which isn’t much), it seems to be made in china and probably not sold in the US anywhere.

When I went to Israel last year, I too received some strange ‘made in china’ toys for my girls:

exhibit A:

Fajiabao - Just what I always wanted!

Fajiabao - Just what I always wanted!


This is the side of the box.
It states that Fajiabao is “Happy for Travel & Has a Handsome Appearance”.
But wait.. it gets better….


The box states that “Little Kids can choose their favorite ones from these lovely doll heads and order for them”

Umm, I have a few questions:

1) Order doll heads? Are the heads interchangeable?

2) Where can I order said doll heads?


Question: What disturbs you?


5 thoughts on “Things That Disturb Me

  1. Molly

    Hunter Parish is actually 22, which makes it a liiiiitle less creepy? Right? Whatever, I love him too! But since I’m 21 that’s ok.

    oh and the pole dancer doll? Tooo freaking creepy!

  2. amy d

    That stripper doll is beyond my comprehension! Something was definitely lost in translation there…like what a cultural stigma being a stripper will get you.

    Oh, and that young actor from weeds…..HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and I’m 31, so yeah, a little sick I guess.)


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