Wordless Wednesday



I look about 6 here, but 6 is dog years. Damn, I look homeless! My father took us to the boardwalk.

 My brother seems bored, I look confused and that dude in the background is SUPER CREEPY.




Viva la Jew-Fro!


13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. KJ and the Kids

    You have the GREATEST pictures.
    And a lot of them.
    Good on your parents for taking pictures.
    My brothers told me I was adopted….and I had to question it because there was no pictorial proof (I have no idea if that is even a word…but you get what I mean)

  2. Rachel

    Ah, yes…we ARE the “Chosen People”. Chosen to be blessed with the hair, noses and last names that EVERYONE can only dream of! 🙂 Someday I will post my Bat Mitzvah pictures… black velvet and pink satin never looked so good. I have to say, GG, you were pretty cute nonetheless!!

  3. pillarr1

    I bet that creepy dude is in some Creepy Hall of Fame or something like that. But I am sure he is somewhere being creepy.

    I can dig the Jew Fro! Did I just say “dig?”


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