Flying Toasters

Let me introduce you to my first born daughter Neve:

Neve wearing Oren's fedora by you.

I like to wear hats


My daughter Neve  is pretty much a cloned version of her father (except with a vagina of course).


Neve/ Her Dad at the same age

someone looks like daddy by you.

Cloned baby


She is outgoing, dramatic, FUNNY and has a BAD temper.

 Angry Neve by you.

I like to think that she got the first three AMAZING traits  from me. Because OMG, I was quite the actress as a child.




But the temper?

The temper she received from her father’s side of the family (because OMG the insane stories I could tell you about my husband’s family).

For example, my husband once told me that his dad became so angry once, that he took a brand new toaster over that he had purchased that same day- and flung it out the window.

The following day, he purchased a new one- only to fling that one out the window as well that week.

Oh yes.


When Neve doesn’t get her way, she falls backwards to the ground and bangs her forehead on the floor- repeatedly.

The doctor says that its her temperament.


She perpetually has a black and blue on her forehead- due to the almost daily head banging (ie not getting everything she wants).


B & W by you.

Can you see the black & blue on her forehead?

Usually, her father and I do our best to ignore this.

We don’t give in to this type of behavior- so she usually stops because she realized her plan of self mutilation wont help her in her plight.

My mom on the other hand, Screams “OHHH NOOOOO” and will give her or let her do whatever it is that caused her to cry in the first place.

And then she’s happy.

 IMG_3869 by you.

What will I do when she becomes a teenager (and PMS kicks in) you ask?

I’m moving out.


5 thoughts on “Flying Toasters

  1. Jennifer

    The pics of neve and her daddy…UNREAL! And my daughter Avery figured out how to s-l-o-w-l-y lower herself to the floor and then have a tantrum! It’s cute to watch her go all slow motion and lower herself down and then flail about!


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