I’ve got my own list!


1. The Shapefx.com website:

Of course, I doubt this model needs shapefx

They have clothing that is made to hide your “trouble areas”. Shirts, Skirts, swimsuits, Pants that are called “Perfect Fit Control Pants”.. you CAN NOT go wrong!

Some things are  a bit pricey, like the shirt above for $59.00- but I think well worth it for classic pieces. Plus- they totally make you look skinnier. Win/ Win.

2.  Johnson & Johnson no more tangles spray:

Johnson's - No More Tangles Detangler Spray - 10 fl oz

I didn’t even know hair product existed for babies! And if anyone needs it, it’s this girl:

Neve by you.


This spray smells good, is not sticky and makes her hair look like this:

Standing on a rainbow by you.
Major improvement

Best $3.69 I ever spent. You can find it in most drug stores.


3.  The Onion Chopper:
Why would anyone sit and chop their onions when they can just put it in this thing?:
I have chopped onions and cried for many unnecessary hours. I got this at Macy’s about 2 years ago, and only pulled it out of the box last year.  Not only does it cut onions, cucumbers, bell peppers, etc.
Retails for $11.95 here
4. Weight Watchers:
If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. It works people.  In 2005, I lost about 20 lbs on the program. Since I have lost about 40  of the 60 lbs that I have gained during my pregnancy- I needed to get my ass in gear and lose the rest.
I joined last week, and on my first weigh in, I lost 2 lbs!
18 more to go!
Wish me luck… not so easy to lose the weight after having twins, but I will try.
 I mean, if all those damn celebrities can do it- so can I!
Disclaimer: I may be singing a different tune if I gain next week. I will keep you posted!!

2 thoughts on “I’ve got my own list!

  1. KJ and the Kids

    OMG I’m buying 3 of the swimsuits and I hope that after I buy them I’m looking as skinny as those girls. (wink)

    Seriously. I’m buying a suit from the website. I hope they ask me how I heard of them.


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