Asshat’s ruin everything

Date: June, 4th @ 7:00pm (AKA MY BURFDAY)

Setting: NYC Bus


On my birthday two weeks ago,  I was on the bus on my way home from work and two young lovebirds board. They have a few metrocards that they are attempting to use, but none of them seem to have any cash left on them.

The young man tells his love to go have a seat and he will take care of it. As she sits down, he keeps searching for a working card to no avail.

He goes back to her to continue searching. I proceed to go up to the bus driver and pay for the young man’s ride. I mumble something about karma.

The bus driver looks at me and says “There’s still a second fare to be paid”– my mouth dropped (as in I paid for the guy, I may as well pay for his girl).

I mean, really?


I try to do a nice thing, and the bus driver wanted to be a douche?

So I paid for her as well.

I then tell him that it’s my birthday.

He’s uninterested.

I get off at my stop, and hear a honking coming from the bus as it passes me.

The young man is standing in the front, waving to me as in to say “Thank You”.

You’re welcome stranger, just pay it forward.

The bus driver though- MAJOR ASSHAT.

Bus Driver


4 thoughts on “Asshat’s ruin everything

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  2. caba

    Asshats is one of my favorite words. Sorry the driver was a jerk, but really cool move on your part! You rock.

  3. Isadora

    lol to asshat..I know exactly what your talking about…I live in New York too and deal with all the crazys over here…

    By the way I just found your blog. Your girls are beautiful!!!


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